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The queen of Drama and can't speak English
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    Sabrina Nabor
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Oh no! Not amputations! They take out your limbs 😱
Wait. Angus was looking at someone's windows? Whaaat lol
Yayyy congrats! You deserve it :3
Best comment ever
Hahahahahaa love this pageeee
Awwwwww look at lithe Pan Pan so cute
Hahaha Loved Amos face on the first panel
Awwwww my 2 OTPs I'm one pic....... Thank you so much you Sexy beast ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
October 13th, 2018
Uuurgg I hate this girl 😂😂
Ohhhh noooo he's too Asian to be designed!
Wild guess..... Is that his sister?
Also.. Is that hair.... On top of Pan's head?
Why is he greennnn?!
Sorry buddy, you're way too Asian
Is just me, or is that a green guy?
R. I. P. cricky