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I hope we're not related, Lyndsey looks cute. ;)
May Madness
At the time of writing it's a 28 vote gap. Hope more people vote over the weekend and stretch it further.

P.S. Mr. Twist love the tribute.
Am I right in saying Panel 1 is Andy, 2 is Patrick, 3 is Mulligan, 4 is Wiley and 5 is Slugger?
@Gibson Twist: You mean Slugger's forehead Hate Spider isn't 100% real. D'oh. Though I am happy with the idea of Michelle and more ink. . . as long as the storylines will have it displayed a fair bit. lol.
@BertL: It's a cameo of the sculpture from "A Clockwork Orange". . . does anyone else hear Beethoven?
@Maritza Campos: I gotta agree with you, I've been through a similar situation and had one of my closest friends going on a 30 minute tirade about my ex until I stopped him. When he asked why all I said was "You think you're helping . . . you're not." And left it at that. Though I may have been thinking "And you're being a bit of a dick."
There is a little something in the Voting Incentive that warms my little Irish heart. Can't wait to see it in full colour. Nicely done Mr. Twist!
Fantastic page as usual Mr. Twist. In my head if it had have ended on panel 7 it would have triggered the dramatic "Dun dun Duuuuuhn!!" but Cristo's all too honest responce meant I heard the sad trombone instead. Well played Mr. Twist, well played.

P.S. Miranda, a toblerone . . . . really?

That and he told Christo already, so that cat is all the way out of the Bag!

Remember folks you only hae a secret between 2 people, you and a dead guy. Anything outside of that isn't a secret . . . . it's gossip!
Smilin' Andy's got a reason to smile!
Loving the comic Mr. Twist, I'm starting to get that feeling in the Pit of my Stomach that the Crap and the Fan are soon to have deep and meaningful intercourse. Of course Andy should be treating her right, or else Patrick might not be the only one "going to eat his own balls" . . . . though Slugger might be helping Andy to finish his. **Tips Hat**
I could be wrong but I believe it's lethargic lad.

And that's were I'd want to spend every halloween! Keep up the good work Mr. Twist.
Pictures of You, 2010 winner of Best Drama in the Smack Jeeves Awards.
It had it all, Suspense, Terror . . . . . Ass.

Shades of Speilberg there Mr. Twist.