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"Simple Pleasures please the simple minded" -unknown

"Make a good day great and grab a cookie" -me

"Everyone is born to compete as he chooses, but how can someone win if wining means that someone looses" -Scatman John

"I just love to think about these sort of things." -me
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one word
This comic had one of my favorite Concepts in it, I am very glad for it to continue!!!
Just putting it out there, I just love this art-style! The expressions on the faces and the crisp lighting so good, I just love it. Can't wait to see even more!
Still waiting!
I have not given up on waiting for this comic to continue. I really like the whole sub-possession concept and the story has been really good. I hope this is some encouragement to get out of you hiatus!!
Looks like a very interesting story, Can't wait to see it unfold!
Dang it Avis, Don't run from the party, your going to get into some HUGE trouble!
Douglas meaning 'dark river', okay that's kinda cool, but I think the real reason is the foreshadowing on a captain falcon character motif sometime sooner or later
....either charmander or chimchar is what I think
Not that I was angry about the length of time between updates, but I am super happy now that I don't have to be incomprehensibly sad! Woo!
Is that something similar to a Pokemon Ranger Stylist? because spinning circles around....yea...
I am literally crying right now....
I was always jealous of pokemon being able to block with the mind instead of with arms.
Happy Days!!!!!!!!! Update!!!
....sweet-spot....don't touch that....
Where is it going? is it ripping the time-space reality to bring the party here? am i overreacting? yes
@the being: Wouldn't have guessed it myself, but i agree, that bit on the first panel is what confused me the most.
@Critic: I think it is a masterball, it has an 'M' on it...
You spelled my name wrong, just sayin'. :(
I think that is what is called a shower.
A: Love the effort in the backgrounds. Even though it hurts, it is great and appreciated.

B: Calling it now, Archimedes is a Noctowl.