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Mr. Brown's Coccyx
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    Derek Brown
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I'M LOVING YOUR ART STYLE SO HARD RIGHT NOW. It captures the facial expressions of the characters while still being relatively simple (and adorable). Also, for some reason, I like your use of grey tones and shading. It looks more "natural" than other comics I see, almost like it's been hand painted, if that makes sense. Anyway, sorry for this long and disturbing comment, I just wanted to let you know of my fondness for your art. Please do keep up the good work!
Here's a page 6 for y'all.
If you feel inclined, please do spread the word of this comic.
My God did it take me a LONG time to finish this. Please indulge yourself in the ecstasy that is this page.
I think that's the end of me shading with black ink.
Again, I will have the first four pages submitted within a single day, and then it will be once per every other day. I guess that will be the last time I say that. I suppose I'll just write butts underneath the next page as a substitute...
So I'll be submitting the first four pages within a single day (they were made before hand), but afterwords, it will have to be only one page every other day, which isn't too bad.
Well, this is the first page of my little happy comic. If you feel inclined to, I would appreciate it if you shared this among your friends and whatnot.