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the darkness is my friend.
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@fluck6466: I thought it be just funny to say XD
But I really love your art style. It's adorable but then mysterious. I love how crazy William's eyes look too oOwOo
Yandere Psychotic Powres activate!
NOWARI BACK! Now the group is all together again! Now for turtle action!
There is no room for ya sexist comment good sir
If you act like that you get a punch to da face. Learn well kid (tries to be funny)

But anyway I really like the story so far! I really love your art and coloring. I'm excited to read more :3
Yep Tuneful is probably going to become my favorite character just because of that reaction. Nuff said
January 21st, 2015
That's got to hurt a lot
oh no
Oh no
This comic is just so intense!
It's so cool! I just everything about this comic
But I don't want any characters to die!! QAQ
Please don't mind me as I melt away by chinshere's adorableness.
/looks at Chura/
/notices its a 4th evolution of Raichu/
/sees thats its a eletric/dark type/
/squeals with happy delight/
@Lavendar Okamari
Its no problem! Its some times tough to get motivation, especially in hard times.
But your comic is amazing! Even before I had an account I was reading this and I love every bit of it~
So its all worth the wait >w<~
Thank you for still updating this and continuing to work on it ^v^
Eevee used quick attack
Its a critical hit!
Its super effective!
Trainer dies
September 5th, 2014
This comic is so cute!! I love your art style and I love all the characters!
Skip's ears are just so cute too!
DIS is so crazy! It's so interesting SaaS
Thank you for the update qwq
This is really OoO
This is so exciting! I cant wait for more *v*
That eevee is just so cute
I cant

Oh boy!! Whos that person saying her name? OoO I'm now super excited about this suspense! Who are mysterious person? XD
This picture is so cute qwq
Yesh! I cant wait to read chapter 7 >w</ and I'm super excited to know why Leyr is the way he is OwO~~
This comic is really cool OAO!! I love it so far >w</
That Pikachu is so adorable qwq I just want to hug it~
That shading~~
This comic is so cool!!! I'm hyped for the first chapter >w<! I cant wait!!!