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I'll join in on the honesty time.

Yeah, I kind of also forgot that this existed and all. But I also remembered it from time to time. But I am no longer really as into sprite comicking (that is a word). Or really into any sort of comicking for that matter. I mean, it might be fun, but I'm not too artistic (as I'm sure you've all noticed). So I kinda reasoned, "Well, there are however many other authors and none of them are updating or anything. So it's alright if I also just don't do anything for it."

Hm... you know what? Maybe it'd be fun to get back into this. Strange, I think I've made this exact post before. Hm... I'll try to convince myself to make a comic today. Oh yeah. I also made these 'ninja' sprites at one point a while back (probably last summer). Now... Do I want to use those sprites or my current ones? xD
Meh, I'll figure something out.
The first panel, what Furato said. I thought of those text adventure games. "You are surrounded by fancy ingredients. There is a torch on the ground and flaming pants nailed to the ceiling. There is no door, but there is a bomb in the corner."
Well, unless of course the article was mainly about the flood and the animal rescue was just mentioned somewhere in it. Natural Disaster>Robbery.

Unless it was a robbery of some important place! xD
I thought it was going to be, "I don't want to lose so I'm not drinking it."
Quick, Slook! Keep eating them! Drive Furato into debt and force him to work for a living! ;P
The sea monster pukes upon seeing you soil yourself.

> Examine puke

You reach around in the puke and find a lightbulb.

> Get lightbulb

You grab the lightbulb.

> Put lightbulb in socket

There is already a lightbulb there.

> Take out lightbulb

You're already holding it.

> Take out lightbulb in socket

That is neither here nor there nor something you must do.

>Commit suicide

You have died.
Well, a lot of them seem to still have stickers on them (including TV), so probably from the store? Or all of that stuff was just scattered around the place where they live, he just brought it all together! ;)
The world actually was destroyed in 6/6/06. They just transported us to a different reality and washed our memory! ;P

I love Furato in the first panel! The expression and the text. "The universe ends in 1019! Be paranoid!" xD
Dang! I thought he was the guy at the far bottom left who we can only see a tiny bit of his face! Not the more obvious one where we can see most of his face... Well, head. Kinda. Most of his hood. >_<

Est-ce que tu veux faire tout ou est-ce que tu veux detruire tout?

Yeah, it really annoys me whenever people are racist. Whether it be voting for him since they want a black president or not voting for him since they think he's a terrorist (that is also discriminating against religions).

SushiGummy said, "
A nice majority of America needs to wake up and realize that you can't just vote for people for such stupid reasons."

Actuually a "nice majority of America needs to wake up and" VOTE!
Or he could simply use a crazy-cool book that does the opposite of gravity, so rather than when you drop the book (as you stand on it), it would activate and slowly fall less fast. Due to the slight decrease of speed of falling, it would feel as though there is little impact...

However, there is the problem of the space between the top of the bookshelf and the floor not being great enough for the book to decelerate sufficiently so Hex doesn't break his lines when he hits the floor... Hm...

I got it! Use the helmet's power (now embedded into you) and use that to teleport to a random other planet and back! (My spellcheck doesn't think teleport is a word...)

But wait, you wouldn't necessarily be able to find your way...

(Is looking to far into this and should stop)

Hm... Fun word... Oh, intraplanetary! It's... wait... not a word... KoL lied to me! D:

Er... Conglomerate, that's a good one.

The red paperclip story always amazed me... it makes one want to go out and buy 50 red paper clips... xD
Wow, people are like that? That's just sad.... I mean, I've seen some stupid people on Youtube, but not that stupid... wow.

And yeah, English is a weird language... Hm... I wonder what that means... "Hello, my name is Wolfgang. A bla bla video blog." Pondersome...
Whew... Only mild death. Thank goodness! xD
Congrats, Stevenroy! :D

Oh... and I'm stupid... I've never heard the song before.. >_<
Heh, I like all the different things on the board in the first panel! xD
Haha... I've met people who were that way in Chess before. This one kid in the chess class at my school was that way. He just knew every opening and would rant about them... it got annoying... <_<

Also, random note: isn't that move Hex did impossible? From what it looks like, Hex attacked a piece but they had equal atk and def... Wait, I'm looking to much into this... I should stop... *Headdesk*
Hm... that seems true.

For summer reading, one book (The Grapes of Wrath), that was rather true.
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, the title was obvious from the beginning.
All Quiet on the Western Front... you don't know why it's called that until you read the little paragraph after the book... o_O

So yeah, on average, it's true! :D
... hahahahaha! Wow... This one was just hilarious. I just cracked up when I read it.