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Neat new site design, h0ly.
I’m afraid the next page will have George making bedroom eyes at Atticus.
What's up with the trend of bastardizing words and inventing spellings that would never be used or pronounced? Laziness? That’s the only thing I can imagine.
Wait a minute. Dux trades to you at the same level at which you traded for him. Farfetch’d isn’t all that powerful, so if George didn’t bother to beef up the Spearow before trade, this shouldn’t be happening.

Unless the world is the world of Gen V, which we’ve already established it isn’t.
Your Majesty, Golurk and his minions have seized the island of Hoenn!
Looks like Dragonthing has to work on her Speed EV.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: What’s incorrect about your statement? Psychological differences between men and women show this.

@qazox: The region could be Hawaii-themed, so based on the sun/moon gods thereof. Alternately, we might finally get evolutions or fleshing out for Solrock and Lunatone.

Nah, they’ll just ignore them instead of doing any of the retcons they’ve needed to do for a decade.
@natuko_hom: But that was never the case, unless you traded.
@Ninja: Since this isn’t the later generations (dumb move, really), he can’t EVER get back on the ship.

>>I didn’t expect such intense hatred and unhappiness over a character being a jerk.

That just means you didn’t expect your work to be good. Who cares if people hate the characters you WANT them to hate? That’s the idea. Good on you for people not liking them!
If she’s Volgin, how is she going to punch anyone? Bullets don’t exist in this universe.
Hey, kid, wanna SS?
I don’t see a foldaway office bed. Or a comfortable chair. Or a soft carpet.

Desk jiggy doesn’t seem like a good kind of jiggy.
@Guest: And apparently anything other than ASCII characters is banned, for whatever reason. Great.
@shadowrunner2323: Interesting fact: there’s absolutely no way that’s true.
[Morgan Freeman]George is often found tagging along with unwilling specimens, providing unwanted information and generally getting them into trouble.

Sometimes when breaking into someone's house, George will attempt to cook their pets in a microwave.

That is how the George do.
[/Morgan Freeman]
@Merone: The ineffectual whiny lover boy from Hunger Games? All he’d do is fall in love with George.
Why is George missing a tooth and why do I want to nibble her nose?
Panel 3 George deserves a kiss.