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Yo. I've got a few ideas for comics, now all I need to do is sit down and get them on paper. For now, all I have to say is that my username is not my real name, but a pen name. If you end up befriending me or contacting me or something, you can call me Reggie. :]

Side note: I have very limited skill in my computer image editing program (Corel Paint Shop). That said, if I ever to get work up here, it will either be minimally CG'd, or not at all.
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Spinarak and Zubat are love here.
So adorable ... I wanna hug them to make them feel better.
The angst just wafts off the page.

Cheer up, Hillaree! :C
Oh snap. So Hillaree is just beast. Nice.

Also, I had forgotten, but Shellee is a cute character. :3
Panel 6.
I want to hug Zubat~
Absolutely adorable.
Has someone changed in appearance or something?
And Yay for the pokemon healing extra quick-like.
Yuss, the story pace is picking up, I feel the action ever rising. ^^
Ah, I missed the boat to comment on the last page, so I'll just say it was amazing here. You draw emotions quite well ... the contrast from the top and bottom panels (current page) is quite phenomenal. *thumbs up*
X3 So cute!
Pokemon cosplaying other pokemon ... I don't think that's been done much before. XD
I wondered if Hillaree would, like me, think this new guy looks like Bryan. Hmm. I didn't want to say anything when he first showed, in case I was wrong >.<;
Neat poses!
Gotta love that smirk. :J
Onoes plot twist.

Panel 2 looks pretty B.A., though. Nice job.
Panel four is pretty cute.
Are we supposed to see a connection and/or similarity between Hillaree and the woman there (Reka, right?)? That's what it seems like the overlapping profile shots represent. *shrug*
Thought I'd guess like everyone else.
How rude!
(My computer's been dead and I just came back and caught up on this comic recently. Awesomeness.)

Jaws is absolutely adorable in this one. Not kidding. Very huggable image right there.
I have to say that Chikorita looks absolutely adorable in the last panel. So smiley! I want to hug her! (It is female, correct? o.o; )
The suspense was well-captivated in the last panel. Their faces look perfectly surprised, not a detail out of place.

Can't wait to see what happens next.
The only tip I have that doesn't look like it's been exhausted is this: If you are going to use a taxi (have to, want to, whatever), then make sure you know which direction your destination is. Then, get to the correct side of the street to hail a cab going in that direction. The fare will be less.

Other than that, I guess, pay attention to the available maps the public transport has. Boarding the wrong bus is a huge hassle--I did that once and was on the bus for an hour and a half. And I'm in what feels like the middle of nowhere.
You shouldn't have worried about Taillow. It looks great!

And yay, go Zubat!
This is a great page. I dunno, it just really wins an A+ from me, for some reason. The characters look great, interesting costume design on Evur.

Oh, I know! I bet it's because of the Gardevoir. I love Gardevoir, and your drawings have such personality. I love it!
Hey, a Zubat is a great addition to the team. Because Zubat eventually means Crobat. Which is a pretty WIN pokemon, IMO.