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This is the greates thing ever. Of all time.
@zenat I can live with that.
And, how stupid of me, of course you're right, I did mean avsikter. :)
@zenat: alright, fair point, subduing should be an option, but I still say that at worst Hawk is a vigilante with questionable morrals, as most of your enemies had it comming. And per definition murder is: "the unlawful killing, with malice aforethought, of another human." That is to say: planed in advance and done with as you say in Sweden: onda åsikter.
I don't see Hawk having that.
As for looting beeing frowned upon by real soldiers, I'm no expert either, but here's what wikipedia says about war looting:

Looting by a victorious army during war has been common practice throughout recorded history. For foot soldiers, it was viewed as a way to supplement their often meagre income[5] and was part of the celebration of victory. On higher levels, the proud exhibition of loot was an integral part of the typical Roman triumph, and Genghis Khan was not unusual in proclaiming that the greatest happiness was "to vanquish your enemies... to rob them of their wealth..."[6]

I still agree with your sentiment and I still find the comic funny, and I'm really not trying to star an argument, I just want us all to have our facts straight.

Lastly, all rants aside, I love Fenris' expression in the third panel.
Not really serial killers
Just putting it out there:
Serial killers murder people while Hawk and the warden kill them in a straight up, though not fair, fight, and it's almost always they who attack Hawk/the Warden.
I know this is more or less just a humorous punch line, but killing a soldier who attacks you and murdering an innocent bystander are two very different things.

P.S. Great comic btw, and sorry that my first comment was a rant.