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Just another webcomic artist.
My Favourite genres are Fantasy, Adventure and Gender Bender. You can expect those elements in my stories. ;D
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Well, so this is my contribution to the #JennyEverywhereDay.
I was planning to make a strip where she would appear, but life has been, well... life.
But I think this pic turned out pretty decently.
So enjoy and comment. ;) -TJ

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, that others might use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.
August 11th, 2014
Miss snow white. :)
Very kawaii. ^,^
I really like this comic. :)
Eat, drink and be marry. ;)
Please enjoy and leave feedback. -TJ
Darn you Tigger! Learn to spell your name. ;P
Switching from japanese reading style to western. ;)
Enjoy and comment.
And if you're interested to make some pages yourselves, don't hesitate to apply. -TJ
Can anyone guess what their destination is? ;) -TJ
Looks nice. :) Fav'd
And lift off!
How do you like Mako-chan so far? ;)
Enjoy and comment please. -TJ
That was pretty good. :) Hope to see more.
They make a cute couple. ^,^
I wanna see how she reacts.
Amazing cover! So cute!
I think it's a pig-bear. ^,^
Nice comic so far.
Second page! :D
They are in the plane now. Soon they will depart to their new home for the next couple of months.
Nice page.
July 19th, 2014
You have a really nice style. Love it. :)
July 19th, 2014
That was an amazing comic. Both story and art. I really love it. :)
Looks very nice. :)
Here is my new comic, Xchange Program.
I hope you like it and I'm always open for suggestions.
So please leave comments and enjoy! -TJ ;)