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I'm Mandy, or Mizuki, or Mistress Aurora on DeviantArt. I'm completely obsessed with the show House, and most of my time is spent drawing, reading, writing, sleeping, or eating. I don't do anything without music.

King of Hearts: Ongoing. Drawn by Essency. I just help upload pages when she can't.

Chasing Stardust: Ongoing. Drawn either by hand and inked with Sakura Micron Pens, or in Manga Studio Debut. CG-ing and toning done in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Visit my art site:
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I love this comic.

And Hades just rocks completely.
I want to hug him.

The emotions in this page are really intense.
This comic makes me so happy inside.

And yay fanart! :D
Okay, it's official.
Hades is my favorite. <3

My roommates are from Alberta, so we partied it up like WOAH. ;D
Ohhhhh dear.
Poor Asura.
Delicious Beef Stew Tapioca Surprise will do that to you.

Holy crap I love this comic so much. xDDDD

Brilliant, just brilliant. ;D
Asura is love. xD
I love this page. Poor Hades.
As always, I'm amazed by your gorgeous artwork.
Yayyyy for updates. :)
And Hika darling, I agree. Stop complaining about your tones. It's fine. Nobody's throwing rotten tomatoes at your or anything. ;P Haha

I like the simplicity of this page. And now I am totally intrigued as to what's going to happen next. :)

And now I want to draw [more] fanart. Woot woot!

-dodges rotten tomatoes-

[Just kidding, by the way]
[, really. Just kidding.]

This comic kicks ass. I love it.
Pooooor James.



Who needs backgrounds anyway?

And oooohhhh this is getting intense!
-waits patiently (or impatiently, however the case may be) for the next page-
I've read this comic from the beginning, but I don't think I ever commented on it.

So I just would like to comment now and say that it is BRILLIANT.

And Xin is my favorite.
Expect fanart soon.

Kay, I'm done now. ;D
Sound FX.
You know the great thing about sound effects?

They can cover up mistakes you make.

And take up room.


This page is blah.
It's so...grey.
This comic is GORGEOUS. I don't know why it doesn't have more watchers. I LOVE the storyline, and the characters are so developed. You portray emotions incredibly well. Keep it up!
...this page sucks.

I am so not good at drawing little kids.

-dodges rotten tomatoes-
Beautiful, as always Ess. ;)
Holy crap, I love this comic so much. Your art just astounds me, and it's so original.
Awwww, I missed this comic! xD

I'm glad I've made it back to Smackjeeves, lol.
Sleep is good.
I did this for a friend on DeviantArt, Aki:

The blue haired one is Tuesday, the one in the middle is Lenalee Lee from D. Gray Man, and the red-haired girl is Aki Ameko's OC, Aki.

Sketched traditionally, inked with Sakura Micron Pens, colored in Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Very nice page, I thought. I really like the new style and the different mood you have going on. It's very intriguing.