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ahaha!! Richard's got that LOOK again! i can see it twinkling in his eyes and the wheels in his brain must be going on full-speed. And that last panel... unghh xD
aww.. the throes of heartbreak!!! hope they get together soon!!

Liam!! you totally spoilt the otherwise romantic, hawt moment of the century!!! oh, wells.. have faith Ed!! *hugs Liam*
the evil lady is plotting again... aww, Liam and Ed make the perfect couple! Richard and Henry do too!!

have fun in Japan! hope you try the sushi there. it's the BEST!
sigh... your comic brings such joy to an otherwise depressing day. thank you! ^^
ungh!! their love is so thoroughly palpable, it's suffocating me with it's complexity!! (kay, maybe not.. xD)
aww.. i always feel that way when i leave my cousins after christmas in australia.
omigosh! they're all so adorable!! haha!!
"you can't see his peepee!!"

*cracks up and dies*
i really like this inked version! it's got some kinda professional feel to it.. like when you buy a new comic and ta-daa!! the sketch one was good too! gah! Liam and Ed on a BED!!
Richard Richard... you naughty evil sex-on-legs!! Ed's jealous!! omg! *squeals*
nice starting to a new chapter!! hehe Liam!!!
*customary glomp*
and fishies on the ladies head! xD
wow.. Richard you're really... blatant. *snigger*
GASP!! rape!! *massive nosebleed* gawd, am i a sicko or what? xD
man, they're totally obssessed!! lol! love em!!
staring at second pane... *STAAARREE*
erk! Liam!!!
the eyes are very prettiful! nice bod, Ed! xD
aw, man.. the evilness of Ed is glistening beneath that pale skin! brimming just under the surface!!
waits for the inevitable.. *vibrates*
*giggles* seductive, much? oh, poor Liam...