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@Petty: I know how you feel Petty. 50+ hours a week leave veeeeery little time for hobbies and other personal pursuits. Especially when you have more than one thing you reeeally enjoy doing and still want to have a social life.
I get the impression George MAY have misinterpreted that phrase...
yaaaay, I made an account XD
I totally agree with you; Pokemon are intelligent, but not in the same way humans are. In fact I think the Pokemon TV show illustrates that perfectly (as does your comic). If Gengar realised the potential of using human strategy in pokemon battles, things would get veeeery interesting indeed.
Also, I'm glad you guys are open to criticism. It's not needed here because you guys are very clearly putting a loooot of effort and time into this, but when it IS needed, constructive criticism is very useful. It's just a shame so few people see it that way