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@Murp: If your shoes give you ankle pains, *the problem is your shoes*.
@He Who Abides: They're high schoolers. Pronouns are covered in primary school.
@He Who Abides: "I'm cutting him some slack on misgendering Ky, only because it's tough to get used to"

Ky has been openly nonbinary since before they met. There is nothing to get used to.
@LoganAura: Outing him as what, exactly?

Ky changing clothes does not "out" anyone or hurt them in any way.
@Belgarel: You keep forgetting one thing:

What Ky is doing isn't hurting Drew.

Dressing in a way that makes them comfortsble does not hurt anyone else.
@161616: "Outing" Drew as what, exactly? As knowing a masc-presenting AFAB person?

Truly, what a horror.
@R-Mod: you're seriously trying to say that going barefoot is bad because you got injured *while wearing shoes*?

Everything you write is bullshit. Sincerely, someone who actually goes barefoot everywhere.
For everything it does wrong, at least the Norwegian national gender clinic has enough sense to only call out patients' last names.

Although in my case, having them call out my legal (girl) name would have been nice.
That's awesome! Congratulations =^^=
Rain's mentality seems really similar to my own.
December 12th, 2014
I'm really glad to see Rain back in action! The hiatus was kinda terrible.
September 9th, 2014
Sure, Rain. It's not a crush at all.
Looking forward to this =^^=
It's a ship that sails itself.
Supporting support from a supportive supporter.

Doesn't seem all that crazy to me.
I always hate it when I lower my phone and the background starts blending.
@LittleLynn84: Oh, that actually makes sense =^^=

On the other hand, not drawing attention to it at all would probably be the safest. Did she hope Gavin would say more about his apparently non-cis friends?
This makes no sense. How could she then not know what cis means?