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In which "Swooning Maidens 101" was money better spent elsewhere.
In which Douche Knight has a way with words.
In which our thief is greeted with some less-than-desirable company.
In which our thief receives an unexpected surprise.
The Whatever Chronicles turned 3 years old today! Here's to another year of adventuring and taking things from weird old men!
In which an intruder makes off with the goods.
In which Toot learns something new about fairy-kind.
In which Hero is totally storing his heroic energy.
In which Hero is more tuckered out than he lets on.
In which Fairy decides to be optimistic despite the signs.
In which Toot accepts that marshmallows may be his last meal.
In which Hero makes the masked stranger just a tiny bit insecure.
In which ill tidings do little to slow Hero down.
In which higher-power type voices are lost on Hero's novice ears.
In which Hero tries to illuminate the situation.
In which Hero goes for a late night stroll.
In which Hero continues to attribute sentience to a stick.
In which Hero learns just how dark Toot's upbringing was.
In which Fairy continues to express their discontent.
In which Douche Knight refuses to bend under his confinement.