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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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In which Jeffrey reveals his secret to success.
In which Generic John proves to be terrible at goodbyes.
In which John saves the day, but is in no mood to celebrate.
In which Pengwart sorely underestimates our favorite NPC.
In which John flies towards his frigid foe.
In which bad guys get stopped first, and then bad grammar second.
In which Pengwux can't properly keep track of his eyewear.
In which Whisper catches a free one-way flight .
In which Whisper makes a new friend.
In which Whisper uses her quick thinking to cling to the wall like a koala bear.
In which John is too busy swooshing to save Whisper from her certain death.
In which Pengwart picked a fight with the wrong thief.
In which Whisper gets more than the cold shoulder from Pengwart.
In which ice cream sounds good year-round.
In which this boss gets a second phase.
In which something dark still quakes among these mountains.
In which Hero probably just has gas.
In which your parents are catching ghost colds from each other as you read this comic, right now.
In which our heroes make their impression on the mountain, literally.
In which Hero underestimates the sheer force of aggroed snow.