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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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In which Toot's devotion to his friends spells trouble.
In which Toot confronts the ghosts of his past, literally.
In which Fairy dissuades Hero from falling back on old tactics.
In which Hero and Fairy lose track of the youngest member of the team.
In which a pair of ghostly apparitions imitate a train.
In which Fairy reveals they are also a master of the Hidden Screaming technique.
In which Hero unleashes his secret technique.
In which Fairy needs to work on a more agreeable comedic routine.
In which Hero looks on the bright side of things. Or is it the bruised side?
In which CK holds back the infinite sadness.
In which Jeffrey and the Broll discuss their own personal headcanon.
In which the Golem and the Broll share a common passion.
Wow, 4 years already?

I've had a blast doing these animated pieces each year, and I super enjoyed the Zelda 1 tribute I made last year, so I thought a follow up based on another preexisting 8-bit game would be loads of fun. Since our cast is busy causing hijinks in the snow region, I felt basing this year's anniversary animation on Ice Climber for the NES was a perfect fit.

It's been amazing to work on this project for this long, and still feel as passionate about it as I was when I first started it, if not even more so. Thanks to my incredible fanbase all over the web, I hope you all look forward to even more TWC in the coming years. Cheers!
In which Jeffrey introduces himself to the Broll.
In which CK and Jeffrey prepare to confront the unknown cave dweller.
In which Jeffrey's television senses are tingling.
In which Jeffrey forgets about the luxurious 5-star mountain motel within walking distance.
In which Jeffrey is convinced cryptids are real.
In which Jeffrey uses his incredible social skills to obtain information.
In which Jeffrey decides to accessorize.