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In which Jeffrey decides to accessorize.
In which CK shows his motherly tendencies, much to Jeffrey's distaste.
In which John challenges the freezing elements.
In which John steps into the eye of the storm.
In which John takes his leave.
In which Whisper feels the distance between her words and John.
In which Whisper learns that Generic John is hard to impress.
In which Whisper has a thrilling conversation with Generic John.
In which Hero takes a dive.
In which Toot and Fairy don't share Hero's brilliant sense of humor.
In which our heroes unearth the sacred penguin temple.
In which our heroes make good use of that brand new key item.
In which Toot stumbles upon an oddity under the snow.
In which the entrance is annoyingly difficult to find.
In which Hero wears his best adventuring undergarments.
In which Hero wakes up from his troubled dream.
In which the mysterious entity poses a question to Hero.
In which a mysterious entity makes another appearance in Hero's slumber.
In which our heroes rest before the trials that await them.
In which Hero adds another ancient relic to his arsenal.