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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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In which our heroes seem to be what's for dinner.
@Littlegamer34: Everyone else other than Hero seems to think so.
In which Hero gets to join the snowball fight after all.
In which Toot and Fairy get ambushed, unbeknownst to Hero.
In which Hero struggles to live the bro lifestyle.
In which the Broll offers to lend a helping hand.
In which Hero proves himself to be a lightweight.
In which the Broll does his best to stop the infighting.
In which the Broll is beyond stoked to play beer pong with his new bro Hero.
In which Toot and Fairy decide to chill out...literally.
In which Hero confuses a monster's growls for his own mother.
In which Hero runs through the dark like his life depended on it.
In which Hero has a bright idea.
In which our heroes don't freeze to death.
In which Herman proves his resourcefulness yet again.
In which Douche Knight does what he does best in the face of adversity.
In which Fairy thinks Hero would make for some nice kindling.
In which our heroes make it out from the freezer and into the...other freezer.
In which a mysterious presence appears on the mountain.
In which Hero loses the path, and his pals.