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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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In which the real Toot rejoins the party.
In which Toot escapes his mirrored prison and gets his body back.
In which Hero's book collection is now half complete.
In which Hero deals with his traumatic experience quite well.
In which Pengwart is unexpectedly put on ice...or was the ice put on him?
In which Hero accepts his fate in the most typical way possible.
@Kiirbo: You betcha!
In which Fairy offers up another round of their infamous encouragement.
In which Hero could desperately use a white mage.
In which it's officially boss battle time.
In which the penguin shaman shows his truest, most powerful form.
In which magic is the name, and body-swapping hijinks is the game.
In which Hero and Fairy pick poor opportunities to poke holes in Poot's logic.
In which Poot makes a surprise emergence from you know where.
In which Hero puts the pieces together...slowly.
In which Hero should be careful who he lends his books to.
In which Hero finds the energy in the room a tad uncomfortable.
In which Toot has no patience for riddles.
In which Toot is clearly going through his little monster phase.
In which Pengwux refuses to take responsibility for his incredibly dire lapse in memory.