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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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In which the Wiseman's Union guarantees at least 4 to 7 wiseman visits per Chosen Hero's quest or more.
In which Hero still hasn't learned when it's considered rude or not rude to threaten the lives of others.
In which the desert is anything but forgiving.
In which our heroes get rattled by the harsh desert quakes.
In which Hero laments the less than appealing landscape.
Hey everyone, I'm doing something a little special this month! From June 24th to 28th, I'll be updating a new strip of The Whatever Chronicles every day! Hope you enjoy the updates, and as always, thanks for reading my silly little webcomic :)
In which Single needs to invest in a form of transportation with a built-in fan.
In which shiny things are always an excellent source of heroic inspiration.
In which Single is a slave to the bit, no matter how pointless it may seem.
In which our favorite map selling aficionado could use some air conditioning.
In which our heroes require more guidance, as well as more brain power.
In which our heroes reminisce on the good ol' days.
In which Douche Knight has learned his lesson...for now, at least.
In which evil-slaying underwear is an absolute must in a hero's wardrobe.
In which golems do in fact have a sense of smell.
In which Douche Knight severely underestimates what type of woman Hero's mom truly is.
In which CK and Jeffrey decide to drop in for a visit.
In which Hero's mom makes a move on Douche Knight.
In which Douche Knight starts making moves on Hero's mom.
In which Douche Knight manages to escape his backpack prison.