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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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@Kiirbo: You betcha!
In which magic is the name, and body-swapping hijinks is the game.
In which Hero and Fairy pick poor opportunities to poke holes in Poot's logic.
In which Poot makes a surprise emergence from you know where.
In which Hero puts the pieces together...slowly.
In which Hero should be careful who he lends his books to.
In which Hero finds the energy in the room a tad uncomfortable.
In which Toot has no patience for riddles.
In which Toot is clearly going through his little monster phase.
In which Pengwux refuses to take responsibility for his incredibly dire lapse in memory.
In which Pengwux remembers a demon from his past.
In which reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power.
In which Pengwux accepts his terrible eyesight.
In which John uses his expert conversation skills to arrange a meeting with the Penguin Elder.
In which Whisper and John realize they aren't alone on the mountainside.
In which the mirror spits Toot back out like a loogie...or does it?
In which Toot's devotion to his friends spells trouble.
In which Toot confronts the ghosts of his past, literally.
In which Fairy dissuades Hero from falling back on old tactics.
In which Hero and Fairy lose track of the youngest member of the team.