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In which our heroes make it out from the freezer and into the...other freezer.
In which a mysterious presence appears on the mountain.
In which Hero loses the path, and his pals.
In which Douche Knight enjoys the neutral climate of Hammerspace.
In which Hero's mom is a tad preoccupied.
In which Hero sacrifices his own well-being for penguins.
In which Hero has absolutely nothing to worry about.
In which Hero somewhat defends the Village Elder.
In which the Snow Elder expresses his concerns.
In which the Snow Elder has a change of tune.
In which the Snow Elder shows his inhospitable side.
In which Hero inadvertently suggests he get back on track.
In which Hero feels the harsh sting of disappointment.
In which tourist attractions precede the Chosen Hero's quest.
In which Hero reveals his uncontested love for penguins.
In which John keeps his introduction to Whisper brief.
In which John momentarily breaks his silent type shtick.
In which Whisper messes with the wrong stranger.
In which CK and Jeffrey join forces yet again thanks to the power of TV dramas.
In which CK laments over his lack of upper extremities.