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In which Hero and the gang talk strategy.
In which confidence is a hot commodity.

Also wow, 300 strips! It seems like I just started this silly little webcomic yesterday. It's been such a journey to see it grow, and watch how ingrained it's become in me as an artist by continuing to make it. I remember thinking when I started this thing that it was going to be some dumb project I worked on in my spare time just to get my funnies out and be done with it, but it's become so much more than that to me now. I hope it's become much more than that to you guys as well. Thanks again for the continued readership after these 3+ years now! The story is still far from over, so I hope you all stick around to see it to its conclusion. There's still plenty of adventure to be had. Cheers.
In which the deal has been upheld.
In which Hero fails in pulling a fast one on the Elder.
In which the Elder makes no exceptions.
In which a life of crime does not go unpunished.
In which our heroes learn the name of the perpetrator.
In which the Elder dives into the mental archives for answers.
In which Hero and the Elder strike a strange deal.
In which Hero seeks out the few options he has.
In which Hero thinks good.
In which everything gets personal.
In which Hero goes full momma bear mode.
In which Douche Knight's silence is not questioned, but appreciated.
In which Jeffrey is not impressed.
In which CK strikes lucky.
In which Whisper and Herman become instant besties.
In which Douche Knight introduces himself to Herman, with questionable success.
In which "Swooning Maidens 101" was money better spent elsewhere.
In which Douche Knight has a way with words.