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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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In which everything is gonna be alright now that the duck floaty is here.
In which Hero takes a sand nap, which is not exactly the same as a dirt nap.
In which the powdered water craze never really took off for a reason.
In which itchy butt is a common side effect of spending extended periods of time in the Literally On Fire Desert.
In which a hero is measured not by his strength or courage, but by his ability to accessorize.
In which Whisper introduces CK and Jeffrey to her new pet.
In which the cable television pact has been sealed.
In which Whisper didn't account for CK having some serious pipes as leverage.
In which CK doesn't intend to let Whisper get off scot-free this time.
In which CK asks, and he receives.
In which desert fires end in horrific tragedy, never comedy gold.
In which Fairy reveals they might have been a felon.
In which Viziriyawn has to kill time in his cell somehow.
In which Hero is not impressed by Viziriyawn's so-called legend.
In which cookies can only do so much to alleviate Fairy's hopelessness.
In which our heroes decide to go worm wranglin'.
In which the desert is known for its hot worms, not its hot dogs.
In which Viziriyawn has no illusions about the weight of his crimes.
In which a rap-fueled heat death was narrowly avoided thanks to Viziriyawn's incompetence.
In which our heroes aren't alone in their sandy prison cell.