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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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In which a rap-fueled heat death was narrowly avoided thanks to Viziriyawn's incompetence.
In which our heroes aren't alone in their sandy prison cell.
In which our heroes have found themselves thrown in the clink.
In which it's only coincidental that Hero just had boxed mac and cheese for lunch.
In which our heroes appear to have come at the wrong time.
In which the palace's advisor just calls em' as he sees em'.
In which our heroes arrive at the palace in an uproar.
In which Hero implies that he isn't going to be taking a nap during the final battle.
In which Hero needs a good ol' fashioned slap across the face to get it back together.
In which Hero's insecurities are coming back for seconds.
In which Toot has never heard of a man having wings before.
In which Hero effortlessly embarrasses himself again over his childhood crush.
It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 5 years since I started this weirdo little webcomic of mine. Nearly 500 strips in and still so much left to do! Hope you guys have been enjoying the ride as much as I have. Thanks again for the support, as always :)
In which Whisper is low-key over it.
In which our heroes get a helpful hint from Whisper.
In which Hero clearly doesn't carry any self-confidence in that backpack.
In which Hero's attempt at acting macho completely backfires.
In which Whisper really starts to sweat it, and it's not from running.
In which our Hero takes a serious conk to the noggin from a familiar face.
In which the Wiseman's Union guarantees at least 4 to 7 wiseman visits per Chosen Hero's quest or more.