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Author of The Whatever Chronicles, slave to none.
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In which our heroes make their impression on the mountain, literally.
In which Hero underestimates the sheer force of aggroed snow.
In which the surf is up, bro!
In which it would have been handy if the weather channel was still working.
In which John and Whisper find themselves at the mercy of the elements.

(Also, Happy New Year everybody!)
In which Pengwux immediately regrets leaving his hut.
In which the fantastic new sport Butt Ghost Sledding is born.
In which Hero's vocal cords might have proven to be too powerful for his own good.
In which the real Toot rejoins the party.
In which Toot escapes his mirrored prison and gets his body back.
In which Hero's book collection is now half complete.
In which Hero deals with his traumatic experience quite well.
In which Pengwart is unexpectedly put on ice...or was the ice put on him?
In which Hero accepts his fate in the most typical way possible.
@Kiirbo: You betcha!
In which Fairy offers up another round of their infamous encouragement.
In which Hero could desperately use a white mage.
In which it's officially boss battle time.
In which the penguin shaman shows his truest, most powerful form.
In which magic is the name, and body-swapping hijinks is the game.