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I am an 8bithuman. I am a beginner at spriting i guess maybe slightly barely kind of i guess a little bit
My favorite color is HAPPY HAPPYISM.
You can call me 8bit or Bit if 8bithuman is too long.
My birthday is on 9/22.
My chumhandle is retroHuman.
My main username on Pokemon Showdown/Online is Elite 4 Giovanni, so say hi if you see me.

This account is probably dead if you happen to be reading this which I completely doubt. My skype is bit8human and my tumblr is

My discord is BIT HUMAN リンカーン#7461
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    Please don't call me the name of a certain president.
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How is this place still being posted to btw
BIT HUMAN リンカーン#7461
all the people who have animal crossing..... lol..........
@DaBrokor: Omigosh Josh, again with this comic?
hurry up and get a job in the cartoonist industry already god

(also get skype)
pichu/victini hybrid would work well
etam has done the greatest form of disrespect ever done...
I think they're just stretching the kirby as torture... because that's what they're doing... right...?
(pls no kirbys don't even have awejflewj)
She got mind controlled by meen peech
*sees thumbnail*
mind = blown
@littlekirby61524: who was the person who said we should speculate on these things again?
@ForestFire: you jinxed it

(*goes and does it*)
still no eggs with arms...
yay for super sonic with a sword???
what about eggs with arms
@littlekirby61524: I'll go with what Napo said, but you shouldn't need speculation when it's something like this.