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I am an 8bithuman. I am a beginner at spriting i guess maybe slightly barely kind of i guess a little bit
My favorite color is HAPPY HAPPYISM.
You can call me 8bit or Bit if 8bithuman is too long.
My birthday is on 9/22.
My chumhandle is retroHuman.
My main username on Pokemon Showdown/Online is Elite 4 Giovanni, so say hi if you see me.

This account is probably dead if you happen to be reading this which I completely doubt. My skype is bit8human and my tumblr is

My discord is Bithuman#7461
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    Please don't call me the name of a certain president.
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@DoofusNegro: no
1000 years later
there is no proof that the universe exists or if it doesn't exist. and there is no proof that i exist. i am a timeless, ethereal entity. or am i not? there are two possibilities: the universe is not real, or free will is not real. either way who cares since nothing changes once you determine it? i wish to exit reality, but the only way to do that is if there is a God who will allow you to do it. there is no way to prove whether or not God exists. or what is god. maybe I am god. if i were god, i would allow infinite gateways to open to new realities so that existence could once again have meaning. in 5-d space, you could be 1 millimeter away from another universe. but you will not ever reach it, even if you moved for an infinite amount of time. an infinite amount of time passes in every moment. however, i will never find the truth
How is this place still being posted to btw
all the people who have animal crossing..... lol..........
@DaBrokor: Omigosh Josh, again with this comic?
hurry up and get a job in the cartoonist industry already god

(also get skype)
pichu/victini hybrid would work well
etam has done the greatest form of disrespect ever done...
I think they're just stretching the kirby as torture... because that's what they're doing... right...?
(pls no kirbys don't even have awejflewj)
She got mind controlled by meen peech
*sees thumbnail*
mind = blown
@littlekirby61524: who was the person who said we should speculate on these things again?
@ForestFire: you jinxed it

(*goes and does it*)
still no eggs with arms...
yay for super sonic with a sword???