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No she is not
@Tailslover13: she was im the minority of a tribe where if they lose, they were going to vote her out, now at least even thought practically she is in minority but she has a clean start with a tribe that doesn’t have anything against her and she actually can talk game and try to save herself
For now I’m liking the twist of the tribes, let’s see what are you preparing for us in the game and storylines, let’s see the cast and start a ranking
It Wasent thorne
Everyone telling Thorne made it work, lies the idea was Bonnie, she put the pieces and let everything happen, this move was Bonnie's move
San Juan Del Sur flashback
This reminds me Jeremy saying "if you keep my wife safe, I'll keep yours safe, and next tribal her wife was out and he wanted revenge. This is going to be the same just hope Brandi doesn't go, because I can see her going into a breaking point and turning against her father.
Cast release 1
I think I'm the only one who loves Bonnie, I know she is awful but let's be honest we all love a good nasty villain, she is like Courtney, while Minerva is the Parvati, she will go 1 from 2 options, or she is going to the end, or she is going to be Minerva all stars 2.0 and be the first boot.

Sarah her therapist don't see hey going to far, at least if Bonnie is out in the early days, and she starts playing the real game

Bowser - I just hate him and enter, let's hope there not another enter 2.0 so he is inmune every single time.

Bowmser jr he is just adorable I hope he goes far
Princes peach
@anime9001: I would love to see her but like not aqua marine type, I want to see peach first like the princess who needs to be rescued and with time she starts to change, voted out people, learns how to defend herself, and just transform on a new version of Parvati lol
Snake bite
This is just one of the iconic moments and hilarious from this first season
The first drama begging
Is so funny how I know this comic on memory, I hope I don't get bored reading the rest
While we wait
While we waith for blood vs water, I'm gonna start reading again all the comics and this time I promise I'm gonna complete the challenge of one comment every single comic
@Sonofhades: Thank you i have being here i long time now but i have to read all the comics first
@SWSU-Master: Im sure is going to like always, just i would love to know when is gonna start lol
I just read all the Comics and finally im here and im gonna start a new season with you guys :D
I really dont know what is gonna happen now, it can go anyway and im loving it, i really hope Alleio goes, i think he already acomplish his propuse on this story, let Jim and Roth go far
Akward Moment
That moment that nobody understands Tapioca and you do because your Latino lol
One of the Best Moments
In a long time, this is going to my record of best moment on this comics
Well, 13 seasons and since the first moment i saw you, i told myself she is the first one to go and i was rigth lol

im kinda sad your out because for a moment i eally though things would take a turn and critic would be gone, unfurtunaly it wasent like that.
Day 1 The First Curse - Comments
Okey this first curse im kinda liking it, for the fact that he is safe but not being part of a tribe, and going to exile that can make him be in a bad position or he can find the idol too
@Crazy Boy: did you seriously think that sky was going to give up the real necklease like that reall? that the one he buy on the reward
Never get comfortable
On survivor you can never feel confurtable because than can mean your downfall, its such a chame for those two