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Green Raptor Studios is the official studio of animator/comic artist Peter Ahola. We create web comics and online animation. Our specialty is manga and we are currently working on our first major story, Kalwa. You can find our animation work on youtube, including animated shorts based off of Kalwa. Enjoy.
An old rival...
Yeah, does anyone remember this girl from chapter 1 and how Kalwa threw sand in her face... yeah well this ain't gonna be much friendlier.
These characters...
So here's a little production note for everyone, background characters are NOT usually preplanned. Whenever I have to fill a scene, the characters are usually made up on the spot. So with this page I just wanted to draw some cool anime like characters... and didn't realize how weird they were until after I was done. Oh well, teenagers are into weird things.
The main game
This has been coming a long time!!!
Let's see if anyone with Finnish culture knowledge can guess what we are suiting up for next!
doesn't look like this little activity didn't work out so well... but it's still kinda funny...
Nude beach
Those who have followed the comic on webtoons will know that this isn't the first time I've touched on a nude beach, I did have a mini comic featuring little Kalwa running wild at a beach, however those comics of course are NON CANON, now it's actually cannon!
Schedule Update
So yes everyone, there will be a bit of schedule update this week. My co-writer got me the page late and because he switched it around a bit, I couldn't go on without the script. So this week will be a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday update, give you some variety.
So a little behind the scenes note, this cart was mostly developed for convince, I really don't know if anyone really could have a cart like this with a flame. Mostly these sausages are taken on camping trips and grilled, so this was kinda done simply to show everyone what these sausages are used for in Finland.
A major switch...
It's usually Kalwa who's excited for adventure, seems that it's changed now!
Take the hand and go for it.
Thanks for your patience everyone.
Sorry for the delay, now on with the story.
@JEMVI: thanks man, I like working with the wheelchair too, it really allows creativity to flourish in the story.
Break Day
That's right everyone, it's a break day for us today. My co-writer got me the next page a little late and I was also busy working on the latest Amber page on Monday night, in addition to working on some other material from my life. So we're taking a small break today. Expect the next page to be up Friday afternoon. Thanks for your patience.
The Main Show
Welcome to the big heist everyone, this one's gonna require land infiltration!!
A new side of things
That's right people, this time the adventure is... FINLAND ITSELF!
I never intended it, but I think Kalwa's mother is slowly becoming the series ultimate antagonist.
Lack of detail
So yes, there is a bit of a story with panel 5 and why they are lacking faces. Originally I wanted to draw little Reko at a some Finland event, but my co-writer suggested making the panel more about being with someone special. I decided to make it about Reko's mother, of which I didn't yet have a finalized design for. So rather than quickly settling on a quick design for a rather important character, I just decided to leave the face blank, and the picture a little less detailed.
@leonardo: I've tested that, however when I dried it, I thought it looked really dull and didn't really "pop." I do appreciate the feed back though.
Change of place
So a little backstory with this part of the story. ORIGINALLY, this little piece was supposed to be at the end of chapter 15, thus setting up the Whitechapel arch. However my co-writer through it was very out of place with the original ending of the chapter, so he wrote another ending with the phone updating itself, which I just couldn't allow for future stories. So we were in a bit of a pickle. I came up with moving it to this chapter later that day and here we are now!