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Green Raptor Studios is the official studio of animator/comic artist Peter Ahola. We create web comics and online animation. Our specialty is manga and we are currently working on our first major story, Kalwa. You can find our animation work on youtube, including animated shorts based off of Kalwa. Enjoy.
Oh dear...
life in Whitchappel ain't all pleasant.
A possible murder
Is this a possible murder or just a strange coincidence?
Change of position
In case anybody notices, I actually changed Elizabeth's position has been changed from what we implied on the first page. This was because I realized a little too late that if I had set her up so that if I showed her turned up, I'd have to show her gauged out breasts, which would push the maturity rating on this comic. My bad back there.
@mindcat: little before that
Hard Time on this Page
I'm currently fighting off a sore throat and felt pretty miserable when making this page, so it was pretty hard to work on this page.
Chapter 17
Took me a while to move on from Holiday festivities and get back to regular work... but it's good to be back.
Sorry for the wait
I'm sorry everyone for the delay in pages, I got real busy over the holidays and only had time to really focus on Kalwa, but we are back and ready to continue the story.
I suppose for all the Whitechappel issues, I will leave the frame off the Green Raptor Logo and dull it, as it keeps the atmosphere more gloomy and chilling.
End of the Chapter
End of another Chapter everyone, kinda funny that we end it on the LAST day of 2018. Thanks all for reading and see you in 2019.
It helps to have resources...
Is this mermaid as innocent as she seems...
Now here's something we have not touched on with Kalwa that I thought would be real cool. Since Kalwa is going after a historical figure for the first time, she can actually use future resources such as the internet to find out about her target. Instant detective work to get her caught up, part of the advantage to having a time traveling phone.
A new quest is about to begin for this arch!!
A new theory
Did historians ever consider this?
@mindcat: thanks
@mindcat: yep, this aint good
So yes now we're in a difficult place. In real life, the Ripper wasn't just a killer, he was a savage murderer who completely mangled his victims in the most graphic and violent ways. We're kinda now in that position where we have to work with the crimes and try to avoid getting this comic into the mature section. So we're trying to use shadow and black and white blood to try and convey violent murders without going to far.
What lies beyond the door?
You'll all find out next week.
Those who always dreamed off being in 1800 England, remember, more primitive medicine... and pain...
The perfect killer
Remember everyone, the Ripper may be gone for now, but just like Freddy and Jason, he'll be back... MANY TIMES!!!!