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Green Raptor Studios is the official studio of animator/comic artist Peter Ahola. We create web comics and online animation. Our specialty is manga and we are currently working on our first major story, Kalwa. You can find our animation work on youtube, including animated shorts based off of Kalwa. Enjoy.
@MercenaryX: probably left it in a bag with the wheelchair.
Sorry for lack of updates
I'm sorry everyone and thank you for waiting. I've been a tad busy lately with work on Kalwa and other projects for Green Raptor such as publication and other parts of life. Anyway, here's a new page for everyone!!!
Short hair
So if you've seen my deviant art and even central website, there are at least two pictures featuring Kalwa with short hair, this is the event that triggers it.
Caught in the grip of EVIL!!!!
How do you suppose Kalwa will escape this time?
A silent page
So admittedly, this page wasn't as exciting to work on as the last pages, but I'm sure what it leads to will be quite exciting...
Yes, you haven't seen these is a while have you. This page was created from the limitation of pages. I originally wanted to have maybe five pages of Victor terrorizing Kalwa and have him take this time, but due to page limits and other information needed, it couldn't bee done, so I decided to do it as a two page to greatly emphasize the horror Kalwa was experiencing.
The long run...
Being pursued by a serial killer with an injured back... the odds aren't in her favor...
This was easily one of the hardest pages I've worked on so far. Not only did I have to draw that entire landscape up top with a certain perspective, but I also was struggling with viewpoints on which to show Victor dragging Kalwa. Panel 5 actually went through mutiple shots before finally settling. Still I'm very happy and consider this one of my favorite pages of the chapter.r
TWO Pages
Yes, people, some things have come up this week and we're only uploading two pages this week. We should return to our regular updates next week.
The battle lines are drawn
Now the war begins...
I'm really impressed by this artwork.
He knows...
True Horror
What would you do, if the most dangerous killer ever had your only way home.
Ever wonder why nobody ever caught onto suspects?
Slight change
So this is where the history buffs are probably gonna get mad. There is absolutely NO evidence or even question as to whether or not Martha was jewish. However, in real life, jews were discriminated against and profiled, in fact some felt the police weren't doing enough to protect them, as seen last chapter. So this was a small historic change I made just to make everything click.
Slightly inaccurate
So I think it's fair to tell everyone, there a slight inaccuracy. So I did some last minute research and discovered that Tabram actually had dark hair as opposed to the blonde I've depicted her with this story, this is due to the fact that I looked at monotone pictures of her and thought her hair looked blonde with some shadows. Just letting you all know.
Can one only image what the image of him killing his wife might look like?
Sorry for the delay, the next page is a little complex and I got delayed on Wednesday on an account of my family coming home from vacation, so it'll be up tomorrow.
The Descent into Insanity...
Everyone reaches it at some point you might say...
That last panel
The last panel was really fun and at the same time important to work on. I didn't initially plan on it, but as I was working, I actually was working to give it more meaning than I intended, symbolizing the dark and dismal nature that Victor has had in his life... XD