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Green Raptor Studios is the official studio of animator/comic artist Peter Ahola. We create web comics and online animation. Our specialty is manga and we are currently working on our first major story, Kalwa. You can find our animation work on youtube, including animated shorts based off of Kalwa. Enjoy.
A brought weekend.
This was a cover that really got out of hand, drawing all those bricks was tough and exhausting. My entire Sunday was dedicated primarily to get this cover finished.
Chapter starts next week.
So yes it took a little longer for me to write the script, we kinda intercepted the last chapter with Halloween and I decided to kinda take some time off to enjoy life outside of comic drawing. But I've sent in the script to the co-writer and we will get running next week. Thanks for reading.
The secret games...
This is now a cat mouse game, who can deduce whose secrets first?
Just a little filler while we get chapter 21 underway.
To the Future...
Sorry for not uploading yesterday. I was doing some major handy work Tuesday night and didn't want to rush the last page, so rather than give you all another late notice, I decided to make it a surprise update. The extra time gave me the time I needed to better this last page. And on another note, the story has now reached it's jumping off point, we're done with random time travel, NOW we get into what's really going on here. Be back next issue as Kalwa enters the phase of her ultimate journey.
Welcome, the next big saga in the Kalwa story!
Enter the next major threat!!!
Ya know, originally I wanted Amber's identity to be Lauren Faust (as in the writer of MLP FIM) and she would be working for the New York Times. But I was afraid about copyright, so I changed it to parody names... if you notice a similarity, good for you.
If you read the little note note on the cover of this chapter, you will see that this is a 30 PAGE issue, so we still have four more pages. What will we cover? Read on and find out.
That face...
The sequence of Kalwa smiling was a pretty emotional drawing for me draw. I feel like it came out just perfect and I just squee at that face!!!
That face
I've officially declared Ella's face in panel 4 as the FUNNIEST face I've ever drawn while working on this comic.
Though it wasn't intentional, this page was kinda a parallel draw to page 21 when Ella threw her phone. Obviously, Kalwa had a little more OOMPH in her throw...
@MercenaryX: Amber is a highly trained deceiver who's sworn off all relationships. She might act legit, but she never lets herself actually fall for anyone.
20th issue
So yeah, this is kinda my "look back" page, a review of the tough times she's gone through, now channeling it into a single throw...
@Patometro06: she does women too
@mindcat: adjustment to culture, the fins are probably a lot more comfy than we are. Up there with ice diving.
Sorry again
I know it's been over a month since the last update. I got really busy preparing a special preview to hadn't out at stores to better advertise Green Raptor Studios, but I'm back to working on Amber and am hoping to get more updates out, at least one every two weeks. Remember everyone, if you like this comic, make sure to hit that share button under the page to share it with all your friends!!!
I still find drawing the spinning motion of the phones tricky draw, but just gotta keep it going. Also remember everyone, if you like this page, remember to smash that new share comic button and share it with the world!!!!
Late start
It was another late start on this page so I had to get it done in less time than usual, fortunately I had yesterday off.