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@ScraLett723: If I remember correctly, he lives across the street from them.
That is kind of rude. In my experience if you invite someone out, even if it is as friends, you should always ask if it ok to invite another along beforehand. Especially if you are just starting out and it is possible that the two people you are hanging out with may not get along or one makes the other uncomfortable. I also have to wonder if the giant asked his friend along to act as a buffer and/or something to hide behind.
I totally know how you feel. I have some stories that I was posting on another site and I find it hard to continue. I am just not sure if I can really meet with the standards that people expect to get for free. For some reason those expectations are higher than what a professional would face. Although I am trying to remind myself that I did not start posting for others to judge, I was posting because I wanted to do it mostly for myself and perhaps give something back to the community. Hopefully I can get over my apprehension and start posting again too.

Now it is important to point out that your art is awesome, you are awesome, and you can do this! You just need to remember why you started to post in the first place. Hold on to that and stop trying to compare yourself to others. You can do this!
So cute! I think the top kitten is my favorite and the paws bring an extra cuteness to the lunch. He is so in over his head I am not sure if he realizes it yet.
What is wrong with bunnies? It is so cute, I do not see a problem with it, especially after seeing the cute lunch box he had originally I am sure he would love it too.
Something tells me that when he gets home the demon will have a sexy punishment ready for him. That is if he is allowed out of the door to get to class.
The main thing that bugs me about Brain purposefully interrupting is that he is knowingly breaking the brittle truce going on between them just because he is jealous. He may want to reconsider how he does this.
I must say if it is Penny that is pregnant this is one of the nicer ways to find out. I am sure that it would have been harder if he found out in an announcement. Plus she should see a doctor for a second test, sometimes home pregnancy tests are wrong.
Whenever Logan is with someone he has or plans to have a sexual situation with I am always waiting for them to have the sexual history conversation and he has to admit that they are not the first man to do certain things with.

I have a really bad feeling that the story will not really move forward on Logan’s side until he admits to someone that things between him and Brian happened. Even though he is taking steps to admit that he is not straight it still feels like Logan is in denial and he is using Jean to ignore what happened before.
No Mars, the greedy one is Penny. I am so angry with Nate for allowing this to keep happening.
Hopefully the new tablet has better features that could help you. The page looks alright the way it is; it shows how the girlfriend’s mood gets darker as the get together progresses. I guess she now knows why the best friend is the last one for her to meet.

I would like to say that she could have tried to insert herself more into the conversation if she wanted to but I know that it is not always that easy. I once met up with a best friend I have not seen for a long time and her new boyfriend and he actually disappeared into the bathroom for a half hour in order to give us a chance to talk. I did try to involve him in the conversation but I guess it was not enough.

Perhaps the next time Nathan introduces a new girlfriend to his best friend they should do it somewhere that they are not talking. Like at the movies?
@Guest: I do not know if that is just it. Every single time she knows that Nate is alone with Mars she has to be there and split them up. She has to be doing this on purpose. I hope that she gets called on it too.
Is the demon going to try and kill him or is it going to preen under the complements?
February 17th, 2017
Congratulations on passing your exams!

Those pajamas are cute and makes them look innocent. Yet if you consider the beginning of the story they obviously are not.

I just need to know, is he able to travel through time too? Like can he go back and warn the ship that it has a bomb or have the ship evacuated? If he could travel through time it would explain a few things that does not make sense.
@yasha.queen: That was what I was thinking too. I guess we will have to wait till to find out if it was consensual. I can see Kim going ballistic when he finds out.
Is Penny afraid because Nate is spending time with his ex? I was afraid that she was going to interrupt the bonding time between the guys and I was right.

Honestly, Nate needs to sit down and talk to her about how clingy she is because it is impossible to spend every moment he is not working or at school with her. This lack of confidence in the relationship needs to be addressed. She needs to understand that she has nothing to worry about and that their relationship will be forever.

I am glad Nate finally got a clue and is trying to spend time with just Mars. It is cool that he wants to involve his girlfriend but everyone knows that it is important to spend time with your friends without your spouse too.
Weirdly, if they all gender switched it would not be weird to see two women who are best friends talking to each other like this and a boyfriend standing a distance away waiting for them to stop chattering. Guess it is food for thought.
If they were able to get this advanced technology before why did they not do so for the whole team? This whole situation is really fishy.
Arco looks like he has glowing white eyes in the last panel. (Super Arco to the rescue) You may want to shade them in the future so it does not stand out too much.
Finally, someone said something. Hopefully people are going to be more honest after this.