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You're updating more regularly now! I've previously braced myself for, if we're lucky, bi-yearly updates. But you're able to crank more out now! They havent dropped in quality either, in fact, it seems like you're getting better every page. I'll be waiting for the next page with baited breath.
The Poster Returns!!!
I wonder if it's rocket standard issue...
You're getting hate comments? Seriously? Ah come on people, why do you have to be unappreciative to the time and effort put into these. Though considering the love and support of those commenting above me, it appears to be trolls. I've began to read your comics since before you finished leaf green and ive stuck around this long for a reason.
That's the Spirit!
No need to rush things...

It'll all come full circle.

Let your evil out... yes... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


edit: Do not worry, I am not insane... I have checked with a professional.
Another down
@pinecat: This is sad reality friend, however I have read many nuzlockes... sadness has even seeped into my name.
The zubats... They are EVERYWHERE!!!

You cant hide... you cant run... give in...