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Holy waffles and raspberry jam (personal favorite of mine *totally can't get enough of 'em waffles*) I can't believe that I haven't found this site earlier!

I'm jet, a quite tiny comic artist from Sweden. I usually use my comics not just to tell stories, but for many personal things as well, such as: when I've been up the whole night watching creepypastas and can't fall asleep because of the fact that, hey - That smile dog can be anywhere O_O - I go into a scene of a comic and forget about everything else (and manage to fall asleep, thank god xD)

I started up my own website 1 year ago,, and found my passion for coding!
For the moment I'm working on a new version of an old comic (sounds logic enough) that I'm very excited about! We'll end up with 36 pages in colour, and if I keep my time schedule (that has taken over my entire life by now) it should be finished in January 2015. Ofc I'll put up a new page on here each week, or as quickly as I can :3

I'm looking forward to get to know you on here, to read your comics and share my own. Hope to hear from yah soon, mate!

Hugs and kisses
- Jet, the happy goat
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@Mystic Fire: It's the calm before the storm... *Thrilling music starts to play in the back*
@Ingeborg: Haha, you know what they say: Such Almighty creator or galaxies, such... child?
I think it was something along those lines, yeah...
@Mystic Fire: *Wink wink wink*
How did I know that…?
Raven Goats and Knowledge Shrimps! How are we all doing today?


Don’t forget that we’re still holding our MEEK GIVEAWAY on our official Facebook page On the 1st of November we’ll pick 5 lucky winners that will receive Meek STICKERS and a hand drawn Meek, with a personal note from me and Jimp! All you have to do to participate is to visit our Facebook, scroll down to our giveaway post and write a comment about ANYTHING you want. The 5 winners will be randomly selected through a generator so everyone has an equally big chance of winning c: MEEK!

This week we’ve been continuing to explore our new coloring technique and my oh my, I gotta say I’m growing quite fond of it! It’s been a lot easier to edit the pages and add snazzy details that I couldn’t do before. I’m happy! Are you happy? I hope you’re happy!

As for the page this week: Ripa has an unlimited source of KNOWLEDGE! I wish I’d have that too. Just imagine all the tests in school, to never have to study for anything… Just be like ”Ey. Yeh I know that stuff. I’m a natural”. One can dream…
Also, R.I.P bird. You will never be forgotten.

That’s it for this week! Stay fierce and remember to always give a lonely goat a compliment if you see one!

- Jet Da ”I-Want-KNOWLEDGE” Goat & Jimp the ”Then-Go-Read-A-Book-For-Once” Shrimp

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Officiell hemsida:
@WarriorNun: Ahw yehhhh, sassy skeleton has ENTERED THE BUILDING! *Snaps fingers everywhere*

"Grim and Ripa's Excellent Adventure". I like that <3
@MipMipDead: You know what they say: The strongest of friendships grow in the death-iest of places! .. At least I'm sure SOMEONE has said that...

I'm sure Grim would blush now if he could <3
@Captain Ghost: Warning, WARNING! We've got a sassy skeleton in the building! *snaps them fingers* Oh shoot, hold on. Skeletons can't do that. They can't snap their fingers D: Or... can they...?
@ZanarNaryon: The true look of being annoyed, directly taken from when Jimp looks at me sometimes \o/
Howdy, goats and shrimps! How are we all doing today?

A quick little Monday update! Looks like all of our heroes have names now, HURRAY! Did you see what she did there? With the name? Ehhh? You get it?
Time for me to go kick some more RUMP in Bloodborne! I love that game too much <3

- Jet Da "I'm-Kicking-BEAST-RUMP" Goat & Jimp the "I-Have-The-Platinum-Trophy-In-Bloodborne" Shrimp

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Officiell hemsida:
@ZanarNaryon: Oh my, that's such a beautiful text... Almost teared up a bit there. Thank you for sharing!
@Digger: Digger, you're too awesome. Thank you man, you do so much for us and your support is simply amazing in every way. It helps boosting my confidence a lot as well, I'm forever grateful to you for that (:

I'll make sure to post more about the plushies when it's approaching! Cheers, mate!
@JigoKuroi: "They see me rollin', they Meekin'" Yeahh the swag is STRONG in this one today *Shakes those knees*
@Digger: Hahaha, oh yes. We've been thinking quite a lot about it x) Hopefully we can get a Kickstarter up running for it sometime next year (Because holy moly, those lil plushies cost a lot to make) \o/
@WarriorNun: Death Junior? Old Daddy Death would most certainly approve that, m'yess.
@Mystic Fire: You will find out on Mooondaaaay buddyyyy *wink wink nudge nudge*

Or you can simply read the next page already on Webtoons, lol. Who likes to wait \o/
Hello, my name is Grim!
Dodo Goats and Pigeon Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

This week we did a little collab together with our friends over at Deck of Fates! Le collab is Webtoons exclusive, so feel free to head over there and check it out if you want to! Simply search for "The Next Reaper" on Webtoons to find your way to our adventure (since the links are oh so terrible over at that place...)

As for the page this week: "They're bonding!!" As Shapeless would have put it! Meek is finally safe inside the bag again, or as safe one tiny birb can possibly be when out in a world filled with demons, monsters and ferocious guardians...

You wanna hear some behind the scenes stuff...? Yeh...? Well come closer then! This week I've been working on a new way to color the pages! Hopefully you won't notice too much of a difference and if you do, I sure hope you think it has turned to the better :') The new way sure saves me some time (as soon as I've practice a bit. Like one always has to do. Alwaaaaays)

Our skeleton birb voting is still up running! Truth to be told, we have no idea which name will win... Death Dodo and Bone Pigeon pretty much have EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT OF VOTES?!? Crazy. Insane. Guacamole!

That's it for this week! Remember to always feed a hungry goat with shrimps if you see one <3

Jet Da "Oh-Yum-I-Love-Seafood" Goat and Jimp the "EY-KEEP-THOSE-HOOFS-AWAY-FROM-ME" Shrimp

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Officiell hemsida:
@Zanar_Naryon: Haha I'm pretty sure some people will do, mate!
@StickVenture: Haha thank you for leaving a vote, man!
@MipMipDead: Ferocious Baby Bone Death Dodo Babes For The WIN! That is a royal title, I gotta say \o/