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Holy waffles and raspberry jam (personal favorite of mine *totally can't get enough of 'em waffles*) I can't believe that I haven't found this site earlier!

I'm jet, a quite tiny comic artist from Sweden. I usually use my comics not just to tell stories, but for many personal things as well, such as: when I've been up the whole night watching creepypastas and can't fall asleep because of the fact that, hey - That smile dog can be anywhere O_O - I go into a scene of a comic and forget about everything else (and manage to fall asleep, thank god xD)

I started up my own website 1 year ago,, and found my passion for coding!
For the moment I'm working on a new version of an old comic (sounds logic enough) that I'm very excited about! We'll end up with 36 pages in colour, and if I keep my time schedule (that has taken over my entire life by now) it should be finished in January 2015. Ofc I'll put up a new page on here each week, or as quickly as I can :3

I'm looking forward to get to know you on here, to read your comics and share my own. Hope to hear from yah soon, mate!

Hugs and kisses
- Jet, the happy goat
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Let's make HASTE!
Giveaway goats and lucky shrimps! How are we all doing today?

This week we're holding a GIVEAWAY on our Facebook page! This is in celebration of that our newest member, the little Death Dodo/Undead Turkey (still need to have a voting about that, grahhh...) now officially has been named! We received over 300 different names from you buds and oh my waffle, you are CRAZY creative! There was a whole bunch of your suggestions that we really wanted to use, but in the end the most popular name turned out to be.... *Drum roll*... MEEK! *Meek's head pokes out from Grim's bag* Let's welcome Meek to the family <3

We're sending away Meek stickers + signed, hand drawn Meeks to 5 of you, buds! All you have to do to participate in this giveaway is to visit our Facebook page (, go to our latest giveaway post and type WHATEVER YAH WANT in the comments! It could be about your day, it could be about your DOG's day, ANYTHING you want! In the beginning of November we'll randomly select 5 people that will get the stickers and drawings sent home to them c: And please, don't forget to like our page while you're at it! We're uploading bonus stuff, side projects, photos and news about what we're up to on our Facebook page so yasssssss. Come join our family <3

As for the page this week: Ripa, you REALLY need to be more gentle with the tiny one. It's but a BABY! A very grumpy, "ferocious" baby that is... Wait, is that Death's child?

That's it for this week! Thank you so much for sending in all those names last week, you crazy creative goats <3

Stay awesome and REMEMBER... Always feed a hungry goat if you see one!

- Jet Da "MEEK!" Goat & Jimp the "MAAAAAHK!-Oops-Was-That-Too-Loud?" Shrimp

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Officiell hemsida:
@Mystic Fire: Our reaper has a lot to learn before he truly knows the meaning of that word :')

Don't squish le babeh!
@WarriorNun: Remember to never squeeze 'em baby birds too tight! It's rule number one when taking care of young bone birds <3
@Zanar_Naryon: Häftigt! Yeah, Finska är inte det lättaste språket att lära sig, haha xD Många av mina närmaste vänner är från Finland och dom har FÖRSÖKT lära mig. deras språk.. Med betoning på "försökt", lol... :')
@Guest: I see what you did there, you sneaky sneak B)
@Zanar_Naryon: Haha, now you know! I don't know if you understand if I write in Swedish tho'? Thanks for the link, bud :)
@ZanarNaryon: He sure does <3 He just don't like to show it c;
It's ferocious!
Sleeping goats and drooling shrimps! How are we all doing today?

This week has been wet ._. The rain has been pouring down everyday EXCEPT for one. Typical Swedish weather, alright... BUT! This also means that you can stay inside and drink hot coco while listening to the rain falling against the windows, ahhh... One of my favorite things to do in life :3

As for the page this week: Ripa REALLY shouldn't be allowed near those birds! Or perhaps that little fella' actually needs a firm hand to teach it some manners?

We're holding a voting this week since a lot of you asked if you could name the bird! And since we're already seen so many creative suggestions in the comments we're pretty sure that this is gonna be BIRDILICIOUSLY good ;D So go ahead! Throw in those name suggestions in the comments below, feel free to suggest several ones if you can't decide for just one. Next week Jimp and I will pick our top then names and hold a voting with you, buds. So in the end, you will be the ones to decide the official name for our birb!

Our new Patreon page is slowly coming together and will soon be ready for a new launch! If you want to take a little sneak-peek already, you can visit it by following this link:

That's it for this week! Not gonna lie, both Jimp and I are very excited to hear all the name suggestions for our new companion. This is gonna be epic \o/

Stay awesome and remember to always feed a hungry goat if you see one!
- Jet Da "Yes-Feed-Me-Please" Goat & Jimp the "You've-Had-Enough-Snacks-For-Today" Shrimp

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Officiell hemsida:
@Zanar_Naryon: Haha I don't know, bud. Døde Fugler is a pretty catchy name xD I mean who needs snazzy names when you can simply just call them "Dead birds"? \o/

Btw, great names there! We're starting a voting today and I'll probably include some of your suggestions for next week when the real voting is going down :)

"Dead language" you witty person you.
@JigoKuroi: Oh my god. I'm in love with that name *-* "Undoodoo" hnggh... brilliant <3

Hahaha, I'd say you're probably very right in that!
@WarriorNun: Yaassssssss \o/
@silverwingskywolf: Ahw that's awesome to hear, bud! Warms my little goaty heart <3 Welcome to the family ^^

And hey, you could even train it to go fetch the newspaper! They are quite handy, those little birbs BD
@Mystic Fire: Your COMMENTS are effin cute! Thank you <3

And yuss, buckle up bud! And don't forget to bring the nachos! Every great adventure needs nachos, that's le truth.
What are you doing here?
Dancing goats and singing shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Oh my Golden Retriever, have I been going through Youtube as a madgoat today? Answer is: YASS. I most certainly have! My Youtube watchlist for today: Pewdiepie > Shane Dawson > Jeffree Star > Gigi Gorgeous > Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl. Damn. I need a cold soda and a bag of crispy cheese doodles right now! I also need to finish the sketches for two new pages, ehe... *cough* Yeah ._.

As for the page this week: Now HOW did that little bird get in there? Well Grim, if you had just watched your BAG back in the Underworld this could have been easily avoided! Never leave an empty bag with Death Dodos around! Or Undead Turkeys. We really need to come up with the official name for those creatures.

A short update today since, yeh.... I need to work. WOOH! \o/

Stay snazzy now and remember, always feed a hungry SHRIMP if you see one!

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Officiell hemsida:
@Zanar_Naryon: Truth to be told, I understand Norwegian quite good, neighbour ;) I'm from Sweden, haha \o/
@ZanarNaryon: Third time eh? That's so epic to hear xD And who knows what happened in the past? Perhaps time will tell... ;)
@ZanarNaryon: ;_; *Applause* Amazing. Truly amazing!
@ZanarNaryon: Gotta have some use of those poor dodos B)
@Lady_Wynne: Ahww that's adorable xD Now you've made MY face hurt from joy ;w; <3
@ZanarNaryon: HAW HAW HAW *Mysterious goat is being very mysterious*