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Originally my comic The Ex Slayer took place only on my deviantart account until I was pushed to also upload it on here. So welcome! Hope you enjoy what I have to offer- I mainly picked this project up in attempt to improve in my art style. I hope I do succeed in this goal.

I am a college student and currently employed so my schedule is usually pretty busy but I do work on The Ex Slayer or The Reaping whenever I can

I would recommend watching me on deviant-art (see my website link) because you can catch some extra information whether its related to the characters, or information related to updates so that you aren't left in the dark.
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Ever feel like your fantasy comic is a middle finger to most fantasy stories just because you stuck a disco ball in it? If so then we can relate on something.

Metera isn't like most fantasy settings, and I'm just going to go out and say that now. But to also be fair this sort of location isn't common to Metera. To I guess... explain myself a bit... Metera is a society that grew along side a society that is extremely tech savy (Ventoria) . These tech savy folks will come to Metera to hunt Meterans down- to which they fight back. Often times when a Ventorian is killed the Meterans will take the technology that was on them and try to understand it.
As a result Metera does have technology in it, typically it runs on mana as an energy source.
[back at the palace]

Onisuke: So... tell me what's going on Aivi
Aivi: *with her gem glowing and her eyes closed* Their asking her why she wants to join the rebels
Onisuke: Crap... I never educated her on the Rebels... how's she handling it?
Aivi: She says its because you're a cancer to the universe
Onisuke: Ah yes that'll convince em. I knew I made the right choice to recruit her
Aivi: She didn't say it to convince them
"Yes Yukino I said I would send help if we felt the need to... did I stutter?"- Keito Internally
I hate architecture... and backgrounds... so much.... and coats... especially when they cover the face....
Sooo in case you didn't understand the scroll hint take a look at the mural and you might get it... might...
Can I just admit to something here? I hate drawing people in the background. It is my biggest pet peeve. Yet its so necessary????
oh Mortikai ;o

Also you don't need to be able to read the text to get the message, if you know Meteran lore that is
honestly what I love is how I got more and more comfortable drawing lizard men over the course of just these two pages.
soo its around here that I figure out another thing I love about chapterly updates... the fact that I don't have to cram a bunch of stuff into one page just to make it feel like its sizable. Makes it look better really

Anyway this is Mortikai whom is myth-66 's Skyrim OC. In Nirn he's an argonian that does Argonian things, in Metera he's a bartender / informant in the Hissing Mongoose Pub in Harena.
This update will be about 10 pages long, its not a chapter but it's what I have done. I'm releasing this as a chapter 5 part 1. Because you guys have waiting patiently for months and since I feel myself going into another hiatus (life is chaotic) I might as well give it to you.
This here is The ExSlayer Chapter 5 part 1. It's a 10 page update (if you don't count the cover)
If you started at this page please don't be disappointed when it starts with art at a lesser value than this, this is because I drew this much later than the first parts and have improved with art over time. And I most definitely will be improving even more in the future.
I am wayyyyy to attached to the green haired one. I meant for them to be just a side one time only character but I think I may use them again ;3
Fun fact, these 2 are the same rank as for as being a slayer. Slayers can be ranked from 0-6 and they are both 6's. The difference here is jobs. The green hair one (their name is Rin) is a courier that delivers confidential information that normal couriers aren't allowed to carry and the mystery man is a general. So in the workforce he has authority over them. But as far as skill goes they are both 6's.
6's are all government workers of some kind with monster hunting on the side
Ok but can we have a serious conversation about how bad of taste I had when I designed Yukino's school uniform? like damn son if I were going to school to be a Slayer and they handed me that uniform I would drop out and go to another exam Idc if its the worlds top academy
This was pretty much a practice page for me, practice fighting scenario poses which is why they don't really flow together (except maybe the bottom part) I intended it to be more like a scrap book of Yukino training rather than a comprehensive fight. At the bottom part tho I felt like I needed to try to make it comprehensive? so that's the reason why its the way it is.
I reallllyyy need to work on fighting scenes omg. By time I'm done with TES I better be hella better than this
this is the update that I realized that Keito looks horrible with his ears being hidden. This has been an excelent revelation
I knew he looked off all this time I just couldn't place it
I would like to formally apologize for how long its been taking to do these updates this year. It has not been a good year and I'm hoping for the best next year. This year pretty much took a crap on me so ye I wasn't in the mood to draw a lot.
"I'll cooperate for now" Yukino says to herself before yelling at Onisuke
Sure Yukino

This actually reminds me of me and one of my supervisers. He's incompetent af and I keep telling myself to give him another chance and see if I can't actually put up with him. But then I see his face and I just want to round house kick him in it.

Honestly I think my biggest problem with this chapter and the writers block was that I wanted to put some action in it but it just seemed so out of place and forced so I'm sorry for all the talking I really am ;o;

Oh and if you can't tell yes Keito totes put a dagger to her throat

THe background in the bottom panel looks weird to me and I'm so sorry for it omg
I really hope the text at the top is readable
if not heres the jist

Basically some Psychic type Meterans have the ability to grant people a mind block which makes their mind unreadable even by the person who gave them it. So basically if Tom gave Jill a mind block then Tom can't read Jills mind anymore so when Jill secretly starts planning on how to take down the government Tom can't stop her because he don't know jack
I swear the art gets better
Trust me. And according to some sources the narrative gets better too. This was my first comic so be patient with me xwx