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I used to go to summer camp and now I make a comic about summer camp!
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This week it's just a little drawing of Carla on the search for some treasure!
Sorry things have been so hectic the past few weeks, I'm gonna be moving soon and just trying to get things in order!
This week, just a sleepy Ashford
Focusing on getting some other stuff done at the moment, so this week I just have this little illustration of Gil!
Things are still a bit hectic as work comes and goes so this week I have a little illustration Hazel and a buncha birds!
Sorry, just black and white today, I should have the toned version up sometime tomorrow!
Finally finished up with a couple of big projects that have been taking up most of my time the past couple weeks and should have a regular update for next time! Also, probably going to switch to updating on Saturdays to better go along with my work schedule, so expect it then!
This week, a little comic about a weird lizard
This week, I've got this nice little comic about Carla!
This week I've got something a little different, a short story I boarded out about Gil getting in some practice down at the ol' archery range!

Here's the link for part 1:

And part 2:
Here's a little illustration of the Hodag cabin kids for this week!
So I'm going to be taking a short break the next two weeks, just because between the comic and work I've been feeling a little more strain in my hand than I'm used to and would like to ease up a bit until it feels better.

I'll probably whip up some quick illustrations or short comics for Fridays so the site isn't just dead for two weeks, but after that I should be back with with regular updates again!
Holidays have been keeping me a lot busier than I thought they would, so the update should be going up tomorrow! Hope everyone has a happy new years!
I'll have the toned version up later this weekend, also, no update next week!
Here's hoping everyone had a bountiful Turkey Day!
Hey I'm gonna be walking around CTN all weekend so if you're there, maybe you'll see me!
Got pretty tied up with work this week and unfortunately wasnt able to get the new page done in time. Ill have it up later this weekend after I get some more time to finish it so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, please enjoy this happy bush child.
No update this week
Sorry, I've gotten caught up in a few different projects that haven't left me with much time for personal work this week. I never like missing an update, but occasionally something will happen or I run into a particularly busy week that forces me to put the comic on the back burner for just a little while. I know a single update a week isn't a whole lot, so thank you to everyone who keeps coming back to read my silly little personal project and please be sure to check back in next week when I will definitely have a new page ready for you!
New tablet, new page and everything is good again