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Thanks for making this (not this particular strip, but the whole comic in general)
I'm a biological male genderfluid (still discovering exactly who I am, still in the closet except online where I can be a bit more anonymous) and I came across your comic... it helped me a bit. It also introduced me to the term Demisexual, which I also feel applies to me.

Since you started off your comics on your labels, guess I should share mine...

- Biological male
- Genderfluid (still in closet, presenting male)
- Demisexual (thanks for the word!)
- amaleromantic & amalesexual (both my own words until I find better: means I can be sexually attracted to and romantic with anything that's not definately 100% male - however with the demisexual, I still need to know them well. So girls, FTMs, MTFs if they're passible, biological females who are genderfluid at pretty much all times, potentially genderfluid males when they're presenting female, hermaprhodies, futas, etc. Interestingly, my favorite people to date are often those in the "tomboy" category or "strong woman" category.)
- Polyfidelity (means I view a two-person relationship as too small, but I want a commited long-term marriage-like relationship with multiple consenting adults. My ideal number (including myself) in a relationship is three or four.)

Since you're more out of the closet than I am, I would love to talk to you sometime and learn from your experiences.