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Man makes comic. Scientists wonder what happens if you eat a twinkie inside out.

I literally made up this username 10 years ago now.
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I tried to make crocodile man look a bit more... π˜„π—Άπ—±π—².
Tried something a little weird for Haley this time.
I made the font size a little bigger, but man it blocks out so much stuff, but that might be because this page has 60 billion words in it.
Ooo speed page
Hey this is the first weekish update in a while. So from my initial 2 update a week plan I'm only miles off instead of Astronomical Units off.
Speech gets cut off twice in this one page.

Wait Wait
Ok Edit: I changed some of the text because it was stupid. I think it's fixed.
and im back
my classic week late technique
@So, Random Guy: Hey, thanks for reading! Yeah go ahead and requisition some trains, but remember to be polite and tell everyone that you are the new owner.
Back to just lines. Ya know, exams and all.
Still a little late on this one though, I need to get my update schedule together.
Whoo wee week late oops

Still not much to talk about right now
Eh, this one gave me some trouble. I felt like I needed a transition between the last page and the next, but I didn't know what to put in that transition page. I guess I just don't know how to slow action properly.

Well ya know, getting something wrong is part of learning how to do it right.
Ahh! Commonly confused creature amalgam! Lights! We got some magic in this! In fact quite a lot of magic. This alligator/crocodile mashup character can summon crystals by tapping his foot and then control them a bit by waving around his hands. The little mouse conductor also has some magic powers, but his are super chumpy so he doesn't bother using them. I have a bunch of rules and lingo for magic things as well, but none of that actually matters. So, for now, I just hope you enjoy the flashy things.
And now its grayscale! Man those are the jankiest hands in the wild wild west. I think i can actually write a productive comment soon. I just dont want to spoil anything by talking about my thoughts behind something that hasnt happened yet.
September 23rd, 2018
And I'm back to cross hatching. I don't really know what kind of shading I want to work with. Those wheels are 100% accurate to real life.
September 14th, 2018
Ah, poor Haley. Just wants to converse with the mouse that doesn't care at all. I solemnly promise the mouse won't be edgy forever. For the first couple of panels I forgot that I didn't want to do both sketch and line layers, and did for a bit before I realized it was eating a bunch of time. Like graham crackers. I wonder what graham crackers made from raw time would taste like. What about cooked time?
There he is. When I was making the design for this mouse's character I was basically trying finding out how many scarves I could fit on the shortest man possible while retaining his ability to walk. Also, that 180-degree rule thing has been entirely thrown out the window. Within 3 panels I rotated 270 degrees. I hope no one gets easily motion sick.
Yeah this page gave me some trouble. I redid it a couple times because I didn't like the way the pacing, and I still don't really like it. If its not clear whats happening, Wax saw someone coming towards the train, and Wane escorted them on board to the car with the other passengers.
Does this count as a tundra? I don't know.

Introducing Wax and Wane, partners in train related activity. Wax is a female squirrel and Wane is a male deer, though it may be hard to tell from my art. I didn't want Wane to be running around with giant antlers or Wax to have the usual puffy cheeks and huge buck teeth, so it's hard to show what animals they are. As for the naming, I want to name most of the characters something related to who they are so the names are easier to remember. I went with Wax and Wane just so they would have paired names. They aren't really related to the moon at all.
Were in there!
Hello and welcome to the first proper page of Together In Spirit. I'm going to be trying to use these author comments more this time around, and to start I'd like to talk about my plans for this comic update and art wise.

For most pages, I plan to use just a cleaned up sketch layer without color. I will color a couple of important scenes but I plan to use mostly line art and maybe some cross-hatching for the sake of the rate of uploads. I'm not going to be working with much of a buffer or upload schedule, I'm just going to upload pages as I finish them. With all that in mind, I hope to have at least 2 pages out a week even with the school year in full swing, but I do tend to underestimate the time things take.

Ok I think that's about all I have to say. Hopefully next time I can write an author comment about something less boring.