Hello there, my name is Steven and I'm both the artist and writer for a comic called Essence of Life, which is a slice-of-life/dramedy/romance

When I'm not working an Essence of Life, I enjoy playing games, listing to music or watching some anime.
I forgot about this guy
Flashback sort of page. Samantha is telling Miyasako the 'event'.

See you guys Friday
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@Meleeman:thanks for the comment, Yes I have things planned
No commentary for this page, sorry guys. Next page is Wednesday.

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Ooh animated page, I love it
This probably isn;t related to the comic, but the day for this update. It happens to be rain heavly were I live for the first time in a long time.
There was an update Wednesday, go back and read it if you haven't already. Next Update Monday

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Wednesday update are going to be a thing now for a bit. I had fun doing this page and was a nice and simple page to draw. I did have a little bit of a hard time when trying to draw panel 1, but other then that all was good. Like a lot some of the page, I did have to tweak the dialog abit and change a few things.

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I love these fan comics, They are also so well done.
Wait, Abra can also teleport people? I thought it could only teleport itself
These two are so much fun
Start of a new chapter, and it's going to be another short one. In other news, there is going to be an update this Wednesday (so 3 updates this week) as I'm going to try out 3 updates a week for a while.

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...blew it up again. How is she still a gym leader
May 12th, 2017
You know it might sound funny but I think this is the first time (on page) where Channel has been alone with Rain, usally Maria is there also.
Dream pages coming?
It has been awhile since we've had a "moments of lie' page. Mostly because the last few chapters couldn't really work with what I had in mind. But this one I had a great idea for one. Chris has writer's block while working on one of her story's. I like this because I always planned that Chris does write story's in her free time, and while working on a later chapter during some of the only free time I had, I had no ideas. Which sparked the idea for this page.

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Shopping is always fun, except when I the underwear section
May 10th, 2017
Poor Rain, something good needs to happen to her soon. Emily should be able to cheer her up.
Todd is just an ass who is not going to go far in life if he keeps being a jerk
I see some fun conversations between these two in the future