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Hero looks like she wants to go fishing
Did ... did Hero just break his foot...
Sorry for the crap quality on this page and the next page, I ran out of time but I also wanted to catch up.
Oh my god, these visual puns.
Whoops, forgot to color her glasses last time.
George, maybe it's the outfit he's wearing. You know.
Oh, hope you have a good time next week! Also, man you're good at drawing with both hands. The deer...
Holy crap, modmad, you are just perfect on so many levels. And how are you able to draw without your dominant hand? Hope your hand gets better soon! :D
So I just binged read this in one day...and it just keeps getting better and better :D

Kahn (I believe that's how his name was spelled), you're such a nice guy.
This tree is still giving me the heebee jeebees.