@VelvetRainbow: Tis but a scratch.
You can't kill me, Sinnet - I'm already dead (see www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUjTtjBtTM8 for terrible caption reference).

It was Vigor Mortis's three-year anniversary on the 9th of August! Stay tuned for something cool (especially if you’re a www.Patreon.com/VigorMortis patron)...
Who throws a chair? Honestly.
I'd sell my soul for hair with that much body.
@VelvetRainbow: "Don't talk to me or my Rip even again."
Rip's saying what we're all thinking.
Oh hey, it's those guys.
What an eyeful.
Swordfight or striptease?
@Guest: As are its guts.
@Guest: They gotta get paid somehow.
Somebody needs a blog.

Apologies for the lack of a page last week and thank you for your patience, folks. Unfortunately Life Stuff sometimes happens, and it's important to take care of people (and give them time to get back on their feet) when it does.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will unfortunately be no Vigor Mortis page this week.

The comic will resume as soon as possible (this isn't one of those indefinite hiatuses that every webcomic reader dreads, don't worry), but for now we'll be taking a short break from regular page production and providing you with some cool non-comic content in the meantime - we hope you like it!

Here we have Rip's character sheet from way back when, all inked and ready to be painted - shame about the coat (see http://vigormortis.smackjeeves.com/comics/2253986/chapter-3-page-15/ to find out what happened to it).
He's serving ham, honey.
@Linn: Right, that should be chapter two fixed!

Going to check the rest of the comic as well just in case...