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Stop! You violated the law!
This week we released the penultimate page of the patron-exclusive Coshaloysius spinoff comic - you can find it in full over at !
How unprofessional.

We're almost at the end of this chapter! As such, we'll be alternating between main story pages and the short but sweet Patreon-exclusive spinoff comic so they're both tied up in time for the Christmas break - sign up at if you want in!
Paging Mr Pierce...
We released another instalment of the patron-exclusive Coshaloysius spinoff comic this week - check out the full page over at !
Special delivery!

Did you know we have a Patreon? Vigor Mortis relies on the support of lovely readers like you, so please check out and help spread the word!
It has to be around here somewhere...

Also: Jennie has started streaming! You can find a video of her inking this page here ( ) and another of her painting it here ( ).
Supernatural stationery is a pretty handy thing to have around tbh.
@raziesgirl: Clearly they call him "Al" as short for "Alcoholism", not "Aloysius" :,D
@raziesgirl: Not in the same way/for the same reasons :F
@raziesgirl: Technically you found out in the first few pages ;D
@raziesgirl: Handy, that's what.
@raziesgirl: Delicious!
@raziesgirl: ALOYSIUS HELP
@raziesgirl: :>
@raziesgirl: Sounds about right.
@raziesgirl: ;D
@raziesgirl: Nah, Rip's a good boy (probably).