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It's a hard-knock life.
SALLY used FRIENDSHIP. It's... sort of effective?
Find a penny, pick it up...
@VelvetRainbow: She's trying her best :,D
That's no way to make friends.
Looks like rain...
Time for a handshake!

(And, in case you missed it, here's the demon Slate our patrons requested: )
As voted for by our devilish patrons over at , here's the latest piece of official cheesecake artwork: a demonic spin on the usually straight-laced Ms Slate!

(They're going to make us turn this into a fully fledged spinoff comic, aren’t they?)
Does this count as workplace bullying?

Jennie should be streaming the drawing of the latest piece of patron-voted cheesecake art over on Twitch at some point next week so keep an eye on !
@VelvetRainbow: Watch out for the handshake :,D
This reminds me of a job interview I once had...

Our patrons have until midnight tonight to vote for a theme for the next piece of cheesecake art they chose over at - vote at !
To d-d-d-d-duel?

And with that, chapter five has officially begun!

As mentioned in our latest news post ( ), pages will be every other Friday for a bit. However, to thank our lovely patrons for their continued support, we're doing another patron-voted piece of cheesecake art (it's going to be something to do with Cosh again, isn't it?) - cast your vote at !
We're back! To kick things off, here's the front cover for volume three of Vigor Mortis (which we're hoping will make it into meatspace soon - check out our latest Patreon update post at for more information), plus our awesome patrons over at also got an exclusive sneak peek at the back cover.

We're aiming to release the first page of chapter five on Friday the 16th of February 2018, all being well, so stay tuned!

That's the end of chapter four, folks - we hope you've enjoyed the ride!

We'll be having our traditional holiday break before the comic resumes in the new year, so make sure to check the Vigor Mortis Patreon at for the equally traditional update post that we'll be releasing soon™.
This week we released the final page of our patron-exclusive Coshaloysius spinoff comic - sign up at to read it for yourself!
Stop! You violated the law!
This week we released the penultimate page of the patron-exclusive Coshaloysius spinoff comic - you can find it in full over at !
How unprofessional.

We're almost at the end of this chapter! As such, we'll be alternating between main story pages and the short but sweet Patreon-exclusive spinoff comic so they're both tied up in time for the Christmas break - sign up at if you want in!
Paging Mr Pierce...
We released another instalment of the patron-exclusive Coshaloysius spinoff comic this week - check out the full page over at !