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This week we released another page of the patron-exclusive Coshaloysius spinoff comic - check it out over at (we swear this isn't what it looks like and would like to remind you that this is all our patrons' fault)!
I hope that was insured.
Teamwork! Kind of.
So I heard you like swords.
Hey, that creepy building looks kind of familiar...
Here's a panel from the first instalment of the Coshaloysius spinoff comic our Patreon patrons voted for that we rolled out this week - it's exclusive to so sign up if you want to read it!
I guess not.
@Linn: Nobody likes a katana to the gut.
@Linn: Merle tells it like it is.
@GastonsGimenez: Aw, thank you so much - this comment made my night <3 :,D
Because it was folded over a thousand times.
@VelvetRainbow: Tis but a scratch.
You can't kill me, Sinnet - I'm already dead (see for terrible caption reference).

It was Vigor Mortis's three-year anniversary on the 9th of August! Stay tuned for something cool (especially if you’re a patron)...
Who throws a chair? Honestly.
I'd sell my soul for hair with that much body.