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A little name trouble. His name is Gantz in the US but Guntz in JP.
Nega talks to himself---Part II
Nega talks to himself--Part I
2nd panel= WOW
Bloody pulp...?

The girl in the green reminds me of Excel for some reason...
I love marshmellows.
Oh, my goodness! Natsuki-san, the instant I saw this, I faved it. The art style is amazing! Keep it up!
Say, this is becoming a running gag. Mario keeps falling asleep whenever a long story is being told. Though I've only seen him do that in Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario.
Thanks to my friend Beth for the new character, Taraa!
Yeah, Lolo's gonna stay behind for a while, because she's vulenrable to the evil energy of the flower! (Talk about Flower Power, huh?)

Oh, and sorry for the resolution on this one. I know it looks somewhat grainy, especially on the first panel.
Holy Blossom? Expect the whole story about it.
Yep. A fake. You'll see the real much later!
Now you can fear Joka and Nega Joka!

Thanks to my best best best (infinity) friend Jazmin for Nega Joka. He's her favorite character!
On the 5th panel, Popka is referring to the fact that Elima has no emotion on her face. This will be a running gag with her later on.
That's from an episode of Xaolin Showdown where Omi rushes off yelling: "Onward! To victory!" Seconds later he says: "I have no idea where I'm going."
There! Chipple's bravery!