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Character Name: Chris Trinh
Appearance: Chris has black hair, brown eyes, and is usually seen in grey sweatpants.
Age: 17
Race: Human/Asian
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Weapons of Choice: His deadly verbal assaults.
Powers: To sleep for long periods of time.
Personality: He's blunt and to the point, but he'll sugarcoat it if he's feeling nice. Chris is easily angered, but he cools off just as quick. He likes to RP, sleep, draw, sleep, read, sleep, fish, oh- and did he mention sleep?
Biography: Chris was raised in New York, and NY is where he still lives. He was born into an average family, is the owner of an average car and sadly- average grades.

Avatar's by my friend, Marionette. <3
  • Real Name
    Chris "Bunnee" Trinh
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Haha, TYL!Reborn! xD
1. Give me a reason what makes you interested in reading these future pages Never Lasting Love?
2. What would you desire to see for the future storyline of Never Lasting Love?
3. Which Never Lasting Love character do you like the most and why?

1. I really enjoyed your story, and I wanted to see how it all ended.
2. Hm... I honestly don't know. Maybe more involvement from the other characters? >_>
3. I like Louis because he can photoshop. :D
I hope she dies. C:
Now who's turn is it? O_o
*Stare* xD
Woah. I thought she was holding a spear to his neck at first! xD
Haha, can I do a guest strip? xD Seriously.
I love people. Come here, people. @_@
FAILLLEDDD. I butchereded everyone. ;_; In other news, I SENSE DRAMA LLAMA.
I don't like this white font.
Eh? Are you serious? >_>
Yeah. :/ But you shouldn't lie about your age.

That's bad.

Oh no you don't.
Ack. Maybe someone needs to get Jaana to unlock the forum~
Whhaaattt? D<

I joined before you did! D;
-Smacks you both-
Hay! That banner just changed! D<
Oh no! How will he react? O<