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November 20th, 2014
New Site hosted at
Page 31 of 4's a Crowd!

We have an official site at now!
Please refer to for the actual site now! Here we are at Page 10 of chapter 2.
Smackjeeves went down again.. and I'm getting a little tired of it so I'm hosting on my own site. I will continue to update the comic here, as well, but the majority of updates will be happening at
I got lazy about cobblestone roads. Sue me.

More importantly, I'm running behind because this week I had a doctor's appointment and a bunch of other stuff cropped up like a demonic overlord trying to take over the earth!

The second Chapter of 4's a Crowd is a lot more action oriented, and the poses are more difficult for me. I do like those eyes in Panel 4, though. Vritra's a cutie. Next page should be up tomorrow night, too! So look forward to it!
To be honest, I didn't know if I'd manage to make this week's 2 4's a crowd pages on time. I had this big boffer larp weekend and it set my schedule all wonkey and I've been awake during the day and that's terrible. It was a great larp, though, and if you get the chance and live near the northwest, there's always to see what it's about.

Anyway. SURPRISE, look, it's Aden and Vritra. Bet you didn't see that one coming. I know, you're all like "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MILLER?! WHO IS MILLER? WHAT DOES SHE DO? WHY DID SHE KILL THAT KID?", or, more appropriately, "I know why she killed that kid, but that was gruesome".

Stay tuned. Next week is gonna be fun.
Unfortunately, I have done all the trigger warnings everywhere else, but this comment is below the image itself. It got a little dark on this page; I assume most people were prepared for me to be a bit dark, but some new people who may be reading the comic may not.

Blood is a thing that takes a lot of time, so I got brushes from deviantart.

Here is a proper credit:

Thanks all, you are wonderful. <3
So, here we are. Is she done pounding him into a pulp? Find out next time on 4's A Crowd: Rumble Edition.

Seriously, though, this week has been crazy hectic so I'm really happy this page got done. It shows I can pressure myself through the rough times and succeed. The Patreon is going along nicely, and I appreciate my patrons a whole lot.

I'm thinking that around Christmas time (starting the month of November so I have plenty of time to succeed) I'm going to open up a contest for a free drawing! The contest will be open to everyone who applies or whatnot, but Patrons will get a special extra entry on a sliding scale of how much they donate. Yayyy!

So, watch out for that! Loves, guys!
She looks angry.

If anyone ever claims that Seth can't draw action, they're... probably right. This is honestly the most difficult page I've done to date. Hahaha.

And the worst thing is that this is the kind of stuff that's gonna be happening for the next couple of pages. Ugh. *references Real Bout High School tons*

You'll also notice that this page of 4's a Crowd released on a Tuesday--a little later than its brethren, who have been releasing on Sunday evening/Monday morn at latest. That's just how this week is going.

I hope you guys are enjoying the introduction to Ms. Miller, because I love her.
October 10th, 2014
Unless my picture is supposed to be at the top left of the whole screen
October 10th, 2014
Buuut, your comment html is broken
October 10th, 2014
Composition is rockin'
Page 1 is done with penache and effort boundless. You'll notice that I'm putting artist comments along the bottom. Apparently that's because talking is good for my SEO scores, and my webmonkey taskmaster will whip me if I don't.

Here's Vritra. As you can tell, my consistency with size is going to fluctuate over the course of the comic. Boobs will get bigger and smaller.

I'll settle in sometime.

You're also gonna notice that that this page is shaded different than the following ones. I was experimenting.