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I like to read comics, and I am enhancing my drawing skill to make comics as well.
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I get it, his powers were suppressed, and now its all rushing back to him and he cant control it.
Ayyyy I know how Darkrai feels, thems the color blond ways :P
Raine's faces are amazing XD
so pretty...
so peaceful, i can guess not for long though XD
damn these characters look gooood.
I just caught up was 10 pages back, and my god...
I am sad to see this happen, but of course I understand. Good luck to you then, my friend.
Good luck too them both then.
NOOO! You should have dogged it! Though, what would have happened if it bounced back and hit Victini?
I'm sure that what ever you do will be great.
And suggestion, EXPLOSIONS. Every one likes explosions XD
I noticed an explosive behind the twins. This'll be good
Well you going to go insane eventually...
Happy to see ya back!
at least he has his manners.
aww ya had me there... no battle. oh well.
Really? They are stealing their children? That is terrible.
Ruins all the fun
I think that an explanation would not be needed. I started reading your comic with no insight at all and yet still understand everything, so I don't know why its confusing. Just think about how it hooks you into reading it. What does this mean? Who is this? It is what makes me keep reading it to find out the things I don't know.
Can't wait!