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Generally likes Lions and Phoenix Wright games. A little shy too... (sorry I can't think of much to say!)
Well that's the Judge for us, but what does it mean for Phoenix and Lotta?
(Author Note!)
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I don't want complaints from people who couldn't be bothered to read this thinking it was a filler comic.
(Author Note!)
I have a script planned out for an investigation. Don't forget there WILL be Phoenix Wright 3 references, so stop here if you don't want to see them. After the Investigation the Spoilers should cease.
(Author Note!)
Apologies for the large gap and odd box sizes... I couldn't get rid of some problems the first time around, but when I get time I'll fix them.
(Author Note!)
Despite Phoenix's worry, this is actually an easy cross-examination for him to get around, but will he calm down quick enough to work it out? (If you know the answer, please don't spoil it!)
It is kind of like the Lana Skye incident, but I also based it off the final Trials and Tribulations case. Wait until you see who she's trying to protect though!
Wrong! There's the update now, nice try though. :)
(Author Note)
This twist of events will lead to some answers to some questions, but according to Lotta, she knows everything. Does that mean everyone else's previous theories are about to be written off?

Finally I got some sprites I can make use of for the whole courtroom, I'll probably make use of them a bit more.
(Author Note!)
Despite Phoenix's objections, someone has shouted "Hold it!" but who is it? I'm getting around to the next comic tonight, so all guesses for then!
(Author Note!)
Don't get confused yet, there's still stuff to prove!
Oops. Ah well at least there's Franziska foolish talk anyway huh? ^^ Expect to see more soon.
(Author Note!)
What? It's true! How does she get away with all that courtroom whipping?
(Author Note!)
Bet you didn't expect that! The first mid-testimony Objection in Phoenix Wright, but will it mean a harsh penalty for Phoenix?
(Author Note!)
Sorry that took so long, but the story is now back underway. I'm planning on bringing in 2 new items of interest after this testimony and cross-examination if you're interested.
Big apologies for my absence I was away in Turkey and forgot to tell everyone. When I get a chance I will do the next chapter ok?
Nice! Who wouldn't buy with that cheeky face on it?
What an ending! Thanks for the fantastic comic, can't wait to see another. :)
(Author Note!)
Sorry this one is a bit messy, but I know some people will be happy to see Franziska.
(Author Note!)
Can you guess what Phoenix is going to say? (clue, it links to the bottle)