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I like volleyball and lazing around reading manga and such
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I'm so pumped that you are back!! I will never forget this comic, congrats on never giving up :)
Face hair
That face hair needs to LEAVE 0-0
March 22nd, 2016
Red hair
I loved in the beginning of the comic when you had the only color be his hair. It looked really cool, it would be cool to see again!:) but if you don't feel like it then it's fine too! Thanks for the amazing comic!
February 16th, 2016
This is my favorite comic I have seen so far! ( I have read a lot! ) I don't mind if the update are erratic or right on time, I would wait years just to read the next page. These deep stories are my favorite type of stories. Keep going no matter what other tell you and everything you do dose matter<3 I love this comic so far so don't worrie too much, just know that you will always have at least one super dedicated follower who will be there to read this masterpiece
December 22nd, 2015
It's a little difficult, but you can read it if you try:)
Keep it up
Keep it up, the story so far is amazing! Hope you get better&#128516;. I can't wait for more backstory!
OMG I'm so happy you are back! I just love this comic! And guess who has a black cat named lily? ME FRICKEN ME! But she is a girl. Keep up the hard work!:)
I might be new
I just started reading this comic today but I can say I have fallen in love with the story and your dedacation to the story. Even if I have to wait for a long long time I will still be egerly awaiting the next page! Keep up the good work!