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June 16th, 2019
Hey Look a Distraction!
You know Siren is still distracting you, even if the dead body is actually kind of important to talk about.... Actually how long is she going to stay evasive on the subject? She'll have to open up eventually, right? Better now than have her hand forced by some bad circumstances....
"Well we got the ore, so now what?"
The problem with working with tungsten ore really isn't its relative rarity in available deposits but rather all the features that make it so appealing to use in industry makes it nigh on impossible to work with without some serious heavy industry. For starters due to its low chemical reactivity and insanely high melting point its extremely tricky to get cheaply made pure samples of the element. So much so in fact that nobody in the real world even tries to ship it in its pure form in bulk and makes the buyer generally have to go and finish the job themselves. Honestly, it might be easier to figure out how to get back to the human world and buy what he needs there then try and make it himself due to the methods needed to make even lab scale amounts of elemental tungsten or tool grade tungsten carbide run into the same "tools to build the tools" problem as before....

...But I may just be over-thinking things just a smidge....
I now have this mental image of somebody capturing Mewtwo in a standard Pokeball by figuring out how disguise it as a standard shoebox and leaving it out in the open near Mewtwo....
Deal With the Djinn
I really hope that it's just a coincidence that Hoopa shows up out of nowhere, on page 666 no less, with forbidden knowledge of how to operate a major artifact from what is essentially God Himself.... Then again, knowing Hoopa it's a 50/50 shot at him making things worse just for kicks or Arceus banned him from using it because he was using it to basically crank call God at 3 AM all the damn time....
February 17th, 2018
@Trinox: The proper term for what the bacteria and the gene mods do to make atmospheric nitrogen usable is called nitrogen fixing. The whole thing is just a lame biochemistry pun.
What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Mon
...The Shadow (Pokemon) clearly doesn't actually know. Seriously, nobody but you is thinking you're going to flip out again without some serious provocation. They're just worried about you in general. That and they're probably wondering what ELSE you can fish out of people's heads when they're asleep besides delicious berries....
Echo, the totally trustworthy doppelganger.
Echo, you know with that attitude you nearly shot yourself in the foot by not being upfront with that sort of thing to your host personality. And while Naya isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, it is mostly due to being really naive from their memory loss, not actual stupidity, so she's probably going to realize that deflection you just pulled on her in a little while. I mean Moltres really shouldn't going anywhere any time soon after getting beat up like that.
Hmm... it makes me wonder if anybody else knows in universe that he's a Mew. I mean it's quite probable that we're not the only ones tricked by that mask. I mean, it would be pretty clever to shave off the fuzz on Occam's Razor like he did us....

Though that does still leave the obvious question of why he's working for them, that I can't figure out just yet.
Check the Date
Seriously? A "Luke, I am your father joke?" Yet another April Fools joke today....
"No Seriously, I'm Really N"
Unless Wes has his Pokeballs on him still it's going to be hard to convince anybody that they're who they say they are. "Mewtwo, for the last time I really am N, just read my mind already! ...Wait what do you mean you can't?"
Predicting the Asshole Djinn's Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal
Well this can one of two ways:
1. Hoopa pulls them through and turns them into Pokemon.
2. Hoopa pulls them through and they stay human, due to the different transport mechanism and/or due to the destruction of the literal Deus Machina.

The main variable I'm worried about is whether or not the gear will be coming with them and if it still works. Being human really sucks in the Pokemon universe if you don't have the tools and backup needed to deal with the really treacherous environment.

Actually, now that I think about it there is a third option in that Hoopa could pull. Thing is, Mewtwo isn't just a person's name, it's the name of his SPECIES and Hoopa canonically pulls stuff from other realities as well as from different places in the same one all the time and might actually know a different one better (PlasmaTwo perhaps?) and decides to Mankey Paw their wish that way.
Suicide Week Intervention
So much for suicide week... but honestly that's probably a good thing in the long run. I've seen way too many webcomics kill themselves when their artist gets the idea to go overboard on producing them and wind up fucking up their wrist/shoulder/whatever and now can barely make one or two pages a month because of it. Seriously, we can wait a few days to make sure that suicide week stays purely metaphorical.
Nonstandard Designs FTW!
It's funny that some people complain about nonstandard designs in other stories I've read. Unless you're doing it to make a Mary Sue character it makes sense to treat the "official" designs as a sort of rough average of a given species. I mean the anime did it all the time, especially in the Orange Islands arc, (Pinkan Berries, anyone?) and there's that Spiky-Eared Pichu in the games.
Welp, it looks like shit just got real right from the get go....
In other news...
Amusingly this just came out:

A harbinger of what is to come perhaps?
@Midnight-fox18: Clearly you've never seen the episode "Where No Togepi Has Gone Before" which is about the titular Togepi being a complete and utter dick to everybody for shits and giggles.
Huh I guess at the very least I was half right in that Plasma had been futzing with Mew DNA, but there's still the open question on the existence of Girltwo....
The obvious thing is him telling about his involvement in Team Plasma. But then that isn't too bad, considering Mewtwo's own issues with understanding human/Pokemon social dynamics.... The more interesting question here is, whether or not what Team Plasma did in Movie 16 is canon or not. Now his response to THAT would be interesting as hell to see...

...from orbit...

...of another planet... a different galaxy.
November 21st, 2015
We ain't afraid of no Ghosts
Honestly, how Ghost got stuck here isn't that big of a question. After all if you stop and think about it really isn't that hard to lock down a ghost with someone or something that can do a trapping move/ability if the Gen VI immunities aren't implemented. A bad gene mod could either give a half functional ghost ability, trash what phasing ability it already had, or simply make it to stay put for the same sort of reasons that require Malveric to wear a Vader suit. (Speaking of which, was it ever confirmed what exactly enabled Mew to phase through walls like that? Was it the Mew or Mespirit genes or something else that enabled that ability?) Or hell it could be one of the other members of the spirit Trio or a splice of them trying to make a break for it and just using the nom de guerre of Ghost for OpSec reasons....

Although, to be completely honest, the questions of what and where it is being kept need to take a backseat to the far more important questions of who and why. I mean if it really is another member of the Trio... yeah things would get really ugly in a hurry if they can start seriously leveraging those abilities soon.
Daemonhost? HERESY!
Seriously that's making me think of WH40K now... dammit now I keep comparing Kid to a solo "COMMISSAR CIAPHAS CAIN, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!!!" Hmm... though I do have a question will the main Victory Fire crew ever run into these guys or will the various VFQ characters ever run into each other? Because I think there's a certain psychic midget that needs a skewering....