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Sequential Art graduate from SCAD (2014). Comic artist, children's book illustrator, dinosaur enthusiast.
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    Lisa Naffziger
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@Linn: Thanks for reading! I always appreciate your comments. Later down the line, I have a brief epilogue planned :) Until then, it is up to your interpretation!
The End
I can't believe today's finally the day! I began writing Petrichor at the tail end of 2013 and developed the comic as my senior project at SCAD. In January of this year, I completed the final pages and celebrated finishing my second graphic novel. Stumbling through this messy story was a huge learning experience. In retrospect, I can see how problematic this whole thing is, but I take pride in finally finishing something I set out to do. I'm going to miss updating a webcomic!
So I hope you've all enjoyed reading. You can follow my current work on tumblr ( I have another book in the works that should be completed in 2018, so keep an eye out for that!
Thanks for sticking with me. I'll leave you with this Petrichor-themed playlist as a grand finale:
Only a few more pages. Hang tight, folks.
It's important to flesh out a character's backstory when putting together a larger narrative. This helps avoid any inconsistencies and aids in understanding their motivation. It is a strange realization, however, that a large amount of this personal information will not be revealed during the duration of the story. While I have DeRenne and Ariadne's full relationship history scoped out, Petrichor only highlights a small portion of it. Maybe someday in the future I'll put together some small companion stories.
@Linn: Oh, that drama.
It's hard to pick a side :|
Look who's talking.
@Linn: Indeed :(
@Linn: That would be such a wonderful non sequitur, haha!
Don't worry, buddy. I think you'll see her again.
@Linn: It's sad, but true. I'm more likely to be harassed if I'm by myself/with a group of girls than if I'm with guys :|
Last update for August! This year is flying by.
This past weekend, I had a great time at Capital City Comic Con! Thanks for everyone who picked up a copy of chapter 1 of Petrichor. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story~
Continuation of the flashback from page 40 (this seems like forever ago).
And we've entered the final scene of the story! It's very weird for me to see the story is almost over.

Hang on tight, folks.
I promise the pages are in the right order this time.

In other news--
I have another story in progress: a YA graphic novel that will be published through Iron Circus Comics in 2018. If you have enjoyed my work so far, you can look forward to this new story! Check out the title announcement on the Iron Circus Comics tumblr: a-naffziger-yup
@Linn: Eternally seething with anger, haha!
@Linn: I've been in this situation before. I didn't want to rummage through my friend's purse to turn off her phone...awkward!
@Linn: Derenne isn't known to be a good listener.
So sorry folks! I realized I made a mistake a couple weeks ago with my uploading schedule--I never posted page 124. So technically TODAY page 126 was supposed to be posted...even though you saw it last week.
Anyway, page 124 is up today and I've straightened things out. Sorry about that!
25 missed calls later...
Turn that phone off!