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If you have to ask, the answer is "too radioactive."

Then again, the answer might be "stop getting into my stash!"
That is SO wrong.

They didn't INVITE ME!
I saw that. You can't sneak anything past me.
Comic in haiku?
I bet that's getting real old...
How long til it stops?
It's a battle between "this is awesome" and "I'm too lazy to go do that."
In this case, "I'm too lazy" won.
The spacetime seizure WAS the warning.
Po... that's just mean.
Do it again?
He's getting smaller. He must be coming down. Either that or he made himself smaller. Whatever.
< llama >POOOOOOE! What did you do?< /llama >
Oh god turn it off turn it off turn it off!
Yup so that's terrifying.
No more dragon tears for you, Poe.
NOOOOOOOO! She killed Bummy!
*facepalm* Dragon will eat you when it stops being crying fool.
And refrigerate the leftovers to eat later, because you're so fat that there's no way you're getting eaten in one sitting.
Alaskan line, ferry to Russia. Good idea.
Wait a sec wasn't Henry the green one?