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@huntergorh: I'd guess at least one page for each 'mon, but I doubt it'd be more than 2. SO maybe 2-6 more pages?
Well, I mean its been almost two years since the end of the Mt moon chapter has it not? That's a long time for any of us to remember her right away xD
Soo...1 chapter = 1 day roughly?
@The_mad_one: Eh, I don't know, the face is more like "This charmeleon could really die, are you sure you want me to continue beating the crap out of it?"
This has got to be one of the first (if not THE first) mentions of child labor laws in a Pokemon universe I've ever least from someone other than myself!
@PJSam: I don't know, I might welcome that sort of bullshit. At least it's very unlikely I would die (Unless I'm in a tragedy...)
Bart used to be the main...
Hey, at least he TRIED Atticus! It's okay to try and not like it, but to not really put any effort into being a main character is just lazy!
@Reality Checker: Sorry, no. You're THIRD, behind the author and an advertisement. xD

So, once you challenge someone else, everyone who was chasing you to battle magically goes away, right? RIGHT?!?!
Life Lessons, Kids:
Nobody really uses "Jeez Loueez"

(Oh, and something about crime and payment? Yeah, something about crime pays, I think)
I think Jenny caught whatever Professor Oak had...let's hope there's not a waste disposal plant next to the police station...
I guess Lerran mains Mewtwo (Smash 4 reference or just coincidence?)
Aww, I almost feel bad for Artemis after seeing that face in the last panel lol.
Quick! Take off the shirt and jumper, have Dragonthing burn them, and then go jump in the pool, then no one will be able to prove anything!

(Or instead of jumping in the pool, continue to argue with the gym leader until the police arrive and claim she's harassing you)
So, this is where Magikarp evolves and destroys the gym, right? Atty you are so getting your own wanted poster by the end of this chapter. (It needs to look EXACTLY like the one in the anime too xD)
Rat, where's your conscience? Professor Oak is supposed to yell at you that you can't interfere in a trainer battle or something, idk.
...Atty didn't say he can't swim, right? That'd suck right about now if he couldn't :/
"No no, this isn't right. When you talk about believing in your friends that's when you automatically WIN."
Well, the problem is this dude named "Ash Ketchum" abused that tactic so Gosmon banned the tactic in competitive battles, which include gym matches.
You know what's funny? Atty is unknowingly bringing the best out of Dragonthing by acting the way he is xD
About time Atticus revealed he knew more than he was letting on the outside. (I can't have been the only one that knew that was coming for the last few chapters or so)
Atty just gave Dragonthing a useful command! He's getting better at this "training" business!