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I like to read yaoi (aka BL). :)
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the hair on this page is so good.
Why is Rain's dialogue in italics?
Drew and Holly. They’re my favorite side characters!
Pit is amazing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise
I love your Fomantis. It's probably my favorite evolutionary line in Sun/Moon.
I probably should get a Taptastic account. But may I ask why you want to start posting only on Taptastic?
Once I thought I lost my glasses and nearly started panicking because I couldn't find them. I got some strange looks and realized that I was wearing them. I am very scatter brained.
I totally understand the spur of the moment crying. Once I burst into tears in the hallway at school. Some senior shouted boo and it wasn't all that scary. It just suprised me into random tears. My friend was worried, but I thought it was funny.
I really want to say that I think your anatomy is great! It's a bit sketchy but overall the shapes of everything are almost perfect. I don't know, I'm not artist, but it's very easy to get an idea of the build of each character, a lot of times it seems that artists don't have a diverse range of body types, but it seems that you do. In my opinion you do this very well.
Storm Cycle
January 19th, 2016
I'm just so impressed with your comic! You're a great writer and an amazing artist. I don't know how you manage to create something so high quality each week.
@Maladaptive: when you said measly I immediately thought that you meant the measles. I was confused until I realized what measly meant.
@Serena: I think people are afraid to insult anyone. A lot of times, someone hasn't met a trans person so they don't know what to say or do. Generalizations are made, and I feel tht sometimes someone may not realize that there's a person inside the body. Sometimes people are taken aback when you have a sense of humor about something that they didn't expect. I think that makes them feel awkward because they really don't know how to respond. I think that more social accommodations might have to be made for them rather than us (the LGBT community). I think that we have to be understanding of their lack of exposure, generally speaking, most people are well meaning.
I have a friend who hates ladybugs. I think they're kind of cute, but if that had been her, she would have screamed and probably demanded a new test be given to her.
Storm Cycle
December 5th, 2015
Your art is just so perfect!!! I love your style and I'd brag so much if I were even half as good as you. So yeah, you deserve every compliment you get on your art!
It'd be so funny for you to do a regular epiode with them wearing the dresses so there would be no refrence to what they're wearing at all. Hehe
Storm Cycle
December 4th, 2015
This is such a great moment! It just was perfect, the timing, the expressions, the dialogue. I don't know, it just played out so well.
If I were a cat I'd totally hide in jack o lanterns. (If they didn't have candles in them) :)
Howl!!!! I really love Howl even if he is a whiny baby. But Calcifer will always be my favorite character in Howl's Moving Castle.
Rereading this page, my heaet is strangely warmed. Holly as oblivious as she is, was able to tell that Rain was nervous about her hair. As misguided as her comforting was, she still had genuinely nice intentions.
Storm Cycle
October 4th, 2015
Can't they freaking compliment her? I got so many positive compliments when I got my hair cut as short as hers a few weeks ago. Grr... it just makes me mad that they would be so inconsiderate to someone as shy and unsure as Rain.