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Drawing and Playing games ;w;
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@DarknessButterfliesandBiobeast: And i'm grateful.
One should not self styling an event without knowing the facts.
The pages are automatically being posted on certain schedules. So I could not answer you because I was off.
Sorry for the inconvenience and/or misunderstanding...

If you really wanna talk about it, send me a PM.
@DarknessButterfliesandBiobeast: Sorry, I'm not confident on my human drawings ;w;
@TakeshiG: Thank you very much ;)
@DarknessButterfliesandBiobeast: Hun? What do you have in mind ?
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
@DarknessButterfliesandBiobeast: Sure is! Thank you for following (*^▽^*)
It is so weird in the beginning, but with time things will get better. (*^▽^*)
ps: This is a PMD inspired comic, read left to right.