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My name is *****, but I chose to be anonymous, so you may call me ROBIN. If I said I wasn't on the internet 24/7 I'd be lying. So much. So much, in fact, that they'd have to carry me into questioning because whenever I say I spend a healthy amount of time on here I automatically look suspicious.

I might end up posting stuff, but only after I get the hang of my tablet, since it's been recently purchased ^-^"
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I should have known! Another good post :)
My guess is that she's genderfluid.
I'm going to puke.
His parents make me so ANGRY! It's not a disease, he just likes guys in any way that a guy could like a girl. Heaven forbid he have a personality, rather than being just an android though, right?
She's catching the eye of everyone!
@queeniechan: Okay, I was just wondering. I hate plagiarism.
@CityFairies: A... BLOODY MARY!! :D
Was this made into a book? because i always remember seeing it at the library in my school, so i didn't know if the publishers simply liked the idea or if there was some plagiarism going on...
@CityFairies: But... children ARE my enemies!! I don't have enemies, because I kill them ^^
That face of Greg's is what keeps me alive. (also bathing in the blood of children) ^-^
Love it!
Jamie is so cute... I love how this is so far. Can't wait for more~