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Masochist good for Niya XD
The old pages were removed and you can see them all here:


I'm not sure when i'll be able to continue this comic. But I'll leave the fanarts at least here.

See ya.
Nice page, though you might edit the letters, they are hard to read with all the effects. :)
September 26th, 2010
I have the feeling of Bailey dragging Camilo to her house, tying him to chair and forcing him to watch Sailor Moon XD
He is getting tinnier and tinnier xD
Hah...distance grows stronger feelings...yes it's true hehe xD
Chibified chibis are pain in the ass ><
*tried and failed*

(Btw, love the Kyo on your icon XD...I hope it's Kyo xD)
Rofl..Connor is just pure love XD
Hiatus is still running.
Actually I've got into a crisis, when I need money, can't find a job...and other things, that are pulling me away from drawing comics.
Help by buying stuff and commissioning me is appreciated XD
Manly women are nice too XD
Let's burn him &#9829;

Yay update xD
I can't wait for the next page..
Missing all the funny shit, ain't you? XD
Another red eye demon *-*
Lol nice one XD
Because of some problems, I can't continue with this comic.
I'll continue it, but I'm not sure when.

I sincerely apologise.
I'll be putting here oresama art, if I draw something.
Omg...a penis lol XDDDD

This page is priceless XD
I love it XD


He MUST go back! :DDD

Back, back...
Hahahah XDD

Sounds interesting XD
Demon dear! :D
He is alive! :D