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if any of you were actually interested in anything I draw, I'm currently in college in a major completely unrelated to art so I have no time~
Merry Christmas~
I hope it's a good one!
The quote has nothing to do with the page, but it...sort of fits? So I left it.
I've had this done since May. I just kind of waited around to eventually get back Photoshop since I have permanently lost this file (still don't have PS haha) and just decided to upload this anyway.
Sorry for not updating - I decided after a few weeks that I would digitally ink page 29. Then my computer broke and I lost it. Ehh.

So here, have the picture that I used for the banner and drew a while ago. I'm still working on the pages, but I can't upload anything for a while.
Seriously, everything is so much easier without the Internet.
Have fun in Europe!
Oh, Facebook.
I've done that once or twice. I question myself too.
What a scary family!

YES. He's from the Korean band B2ST ♥
Yay, a Tissues update <3!

Haha Kazuma. He has a scary sister.
New banner, I just finished it up :)
This forces me to finish the one panel of page 29 that I have left.
Not dead!
Been busy with things.
Accepted to 3 colleges now, I'm pretty happy ahah.
Bases from here ~
Run, run, run away &#9835;
Trust me, I'm a doctor.

...not really.
Yes, that's a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

In other news, I am totally obsessed with the Korean band B2ST. Doojoon&#9829;
Kyomi had guitar lessons - she told me the pink pick was the only one left and the only reason she took it was to spite another person who actually wanted it. Or something like that.

This week was really busy for me and I was too lazy to do anything, even putting pages up. Sorry~
I'm tired.