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I got no ambition
for high position
in the competition
with air condition
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@ThatOneEnderMan: How dare you you bastard
@MegaVile: There's a couple of Cut's Corner-original sprites I like to throw in. No promises for whether or not they'll have actual roles going forward, but for now it's good negative space filling.
Dammit Dr. Hook are you evil or not evil

She still wants Cut Man to snip those goddamn petunias
Oh boy, seems like it's time to find out what Dr. Hook's been up to
@MegaVile: st?cb=20130706001223

Tablet Man, debuting in the critically acclaimed game Rockman X-Over

And Dark Man 3 is wherever you want him to be
@MegaVile: Ah, but keep in mind Mega Man doesn't go suddenly switching to Proto Man's side when he revolts. Even if it isn't the Proto Man he knows he's obviously not aware of that
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: He's certainly much better at handling that versus being a CEO
@MegaVile: I claim it canon henceforth
Well that's funny, Proto Man, you know what other name didn't stick for very long either?

@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Reminder that this was Beat at one point est?cb=20071226002330
@GapingHole: I'd... I'd hope not, seeing as I certainly don't want to aim for being another Bob and George knock-off.
"HAHAHA, I have the tactical advantage now, Mega Man! You're completely off your guard, and open for defeat!"

"Okaynowletmetellyouaboutmyevilbackground :)"
@Guest: It's a comic though, so the pages don't lose value over time like something in a forum would. Each page is as relevant as any other (....even if I wish some of the early stuff coulf be lost to time >_>)
@Darius Drake: There's also an issue in the form that Mega Man already has Melodiya as a girlfriend
@Zynk: There's also Super Cut Man from Ariga's Gigamix story
@MegaVile: Yeah Mega Water S is sort of an ass. I wouldn't invite that guy to a party
@Djoing: An intentional typo. You can notice the rest of Mega Water's sentences are oddly-structured and filled with plenty of wrong tenses and occasionally the wrong word, on account of his poor English. This is taken from his Mega Man and Bass information, where he's noted for his poor speaking and his "funny accent."