I got no ambition
for high position
in the competition
with air condition
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@Elemental Kirby: 500 points to the fellow who knows their classic Chinese novels
@MegaVile: Originally the line was supposed to be "an evil copy Mega Man", but since the evil ran into both the risk of taking up more space in the text bubble and the risk of sound redundant, I removed it. However, I didn't remove the an because as you can see it was on the previous line and I happened to miss it. Good catch.
@Elemental Kirby: No prob bob, it's what I do!
1: The Buster Rod G and Mega Water S sprites from here and 8BDM...are pretty much the same. They're both taken from Mega Man and Bass FC, which in turn was recolored from Wily Wars. I've made minor edits to mine because I didn't like how the original colors were handled and to better match up with the art.
2. I don't enjoy taking sprites from fangames like MM8BDM. Those sprites were made for that game, and I'm unaware if they're public domain so I figured I'd make my own Hyper Storm H sprite. More fun that way.
3. I don't really like their Hyper Storm H sprite. It was built within the restrictions in that game, and this is a comic where any restrictions are on my part to hold up to the NES coloring system.

Also, I'm interested, why do my sprites look worse?

6th panel here. He doesn't give it the same complimentary tone Cut Man gives it here, but he still recognizes Cut Man's work with the cutter is his best (and only) good trait
So I'll be off on a trip for the next month or so, I'm still bringing a Laptop so hopefully I can get some pages done throughout the month, but the updating will become inconsistent.
So many spooky eyes
@Zynk: That's....actually one hell of an idea

don't mind me as I "borrow" this idea for later instances! >_>
Pretty hypocritical with the weird names comment when it's coming from the guy who's named after a fish
It's okay Bass, the first hairstyle looked much better for you anyways
Ninja Man sacrifices the cult instead to the Great Limousine in the sky
@ShiverXy: atest?cb=20100712223309
Character development, folks
>Bring back arrow brackets as an obligation for the next page with an announcement to follow
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X:
1. It's...not like it's an enclosed room. Mega Man boss rooms, and frankly I hope every room, has an entrance to them. It's not like he walked through from the wall on the right, you see him in the seventh panel entering in from the left, where per tradition tends to be the entrance for a room in the Mega Man world.
2. Regardless, he's a robot so he's able to teleport into the facility.
3. And if he was watching over the whole time or if he just came in right now...Frankly, it doesn't really matter. It's a joke so it's not really necessary to expand upon, and something I like leaving to the reader rather than needlessly having to spell out.
...Oh, Dr. Leaf....The pipes, the pipes are calling.....
Hoo boy Leaf's getting angry-wangry
It appears even Bass lacks the same quality Dr. Wily shows to not have; they both can't recognize well thought-out works of art in front of them.