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I got no ambition
for high position
in the competition
with air condition
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@MegaBoyX7:This is a guy who really gets it
@MegaBoyX7: Cut's Corner's lame
Yeah yeah, use Wily as your scapegoat for everything

Freakin' jerks
Make one of them touhou jokes
@Calculatte: Ah yes, a penguin. That definitely makes Bass all the more terrifying.
@ThatOneEnderMan: And that's the plot for the next 643 pages
Awwww yeah it's the big "the gang's all here" moment
@MegaVile: I've only played a grand total of 2 Ratchet and Clank games but probably
>Don't bother, this bully is not someone we should make an enemy of
The linework's good but the colors used for shading are sorta dead. They don't really carry any sort of energy with them. It's just darker tones than the primary color. When it comes to pixelart, get creative with colors for shading, like with the skin you can shade it with a tannish-pink, or where you're using grey use the blue you already have on the sprite.
@ThatOneEnderMan: How dare you you bastard
@MegaVile: There's a couple of Cut's Corner-original sprites I like to throw in. No promises for whether or not they'll have actual roles going forward, but for now it's good negative space filling.
Dammit Dr. Hook are you evil or not evil

She still wants Cut Man to snip those goddamn petunias
Oh boy, seems like it's time to find out what Dr. Hook's been up to
@MegaVile: st?cb=20130706001223

Tablet Man, debuting in the critically acclaimed game Rockman X-Over

And Dark Man 3 is wherever you want him to be
@MegaVile: Ah, but keep in mind Mega Man doesn't go suddenly switching to Proto Man's side when he revolts. Even if it isn't the Proto Man he knows he's obviously not aware of that