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Naw, this is soooo true. :3
I have a favorite character now! :D
Likewise! This is uber cute and fun!
Aww, they're so cute! <3
Seems vaguely Supernatural-inspired. :)
Larry, you're a wimp.
Is this still active, or..?
Aww... I don't know who I feel worse for, Daniel or Christine.
Is it just me, or does Daniel look really cute in the last panel?
...Don't close your eyes Christine...
Poor Daniel.
Actually, if he got through a locked door, will a chair really make any difference?
If he really wanted to, he could just bust up the whole house.
Damn. Daniel's one awesome guy. I would love to get in a fight with him. (SARCASM)
But this is an AMAZING story. :D
Oh, this is SO COOL. I was looking for a good horror/mystery comic, and I think I've found a great one! :D
This is brilliant! I love your art style. :)
This looks really cool! :D
I feel you. I'm sorry for your loss. Take your time with whatever you need to do. I'm patient. :)
How about a doll Kirby?