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Kind of around slash not around.
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I've actually fallen out of drawing recently, I hope I can get back into my groove one day.
I think I'm following so far, Luz is describing the alternate timeline where Marx changed the future but without Kirby's intervention. But the clones from the timeline disappeared? I would assume that they are the same clones from "From Time to Time" but they also seem to also be the clones from "Just Like a Butterfly" because they remembered what Kirby did back during then so I don't think they would be the ones that disappeared from the timeline that Luz is describing... That's just how I am reading things anyways, I know there'll be more information later on so I won't dwell on it too much.

@JovanW: I'm sure you meant well when you sent this and intended to introduce some people to a cool new comic but it's kind of rude to advertise another (rather well known? I'd like to think so anyways) Kirby comic on this Kirby comic. Not really mad or anything but I think this is just something you shouldn't do for someone that doesn't really need the publicity.
this is a picture I drew based off of the American Boxart for Sonic T. Hedgehog
Since people are still commenting I think it would be nice if I gave my two cents in with my experience with the comic.
I'm not sure when I would say I started reading the comic I think I was about 10? I know you were in the middle of making the "To the Tower" arc and I have to say I was gripped from there. As a guest I'd sit by the sidelines and watch this adventure grow (you might possibly find my old comments in past pages but I wouldn't be able to confirm if they were mine or not). For me this comic is really one of the bigger parts of my inspiration to become a comic artist, the characters although they weren't the deepest, really resonated with me and I enjoyed seeing their life from their naive starts to their often divisive or satisfying ends.
At first I was a bit miffed about you wanting to get to the end already so you can move onto greater things, and there wasn't really anything I could say or do to change your mind so I just accepted it and made the most of what you did supply for closure. Which at the end I was pretty satisfied. This comic will probably subconsciously inspire me for a long time, and I'd like to thank you for taking the time and what effort you put into making these pages to give us all a story to enjoy and I hope this comic is only the beginning to possible possible projects that you'll make in the future.
I'm sure I'm leaving out some crucial feelings in this post but I don't think it's necessary to say anymore praise for this comic.
Wonder how it feels to realize that your creator is just one normal guy of many.
sorry if the comics look kinda fucked at the mome, I was making adjustments by removing the chapters since they block people froms eeing the most recent comics I'll rearrange the two latest pictures I've made since those are the only ones I remember the orders of.
EDIT: Lucky me I find the reset page order option
this was part of a larger drawing I was doing with a couple of art buddies in their discord chat, this was really the only thing I got done since I'm a bit of a slow drawer.


edit: the previous discord link was a dud so I just uploaded it to some random image hosting site.
I finally did a.. third or fourth? iteration of the Kebi in space logo that I usually draw. I felt pretty shitty while I was drawing it but I feel like it still came out as good as I wanted it to be, might draw Kebi doing some other stuff later on during the weekend.
Drew an OC my friend made up for a group project in our chat; I am really proud with how it came out.

He designed it based off of Astro Boy/Mega Man.
That New Years resolution thing was a load of beans huh?
I haven't been on Smack much since I've been having technology complications but I doubt you guys would've missed much of potential art since I'm not much of a fan of drawing digitally anymore. I'll post every now and again whenever I get a new idea for drawings but I won't make anymore empty promises.

I'll probably be more active on here too; I 'unno.
based off a dream my friend had
the moment when you realize you forgot to put 2017..
I got a new drawing pad and motivation, so I might start doing more slave work for all 3 of you who remembered this place existed.
@Elemental Kirby: Same reason why Doctor Wily is able to escape point blank explosions -mostly- unscathed.
You know I wouldn't of guessed it to be honest, no one really talks about it at all on the internet.
I've never fought the boss myself but I always thought that bosses that had the same abilities as the protagonist were kinda cool, most of the time underwhelming but it's the thought that counts.
So does Keeby just have an inferiority complex or something like that? Now that we know it isn't a Kirby only sort of thing.
@Thenewdonut: The 8th panel, in the flashback.
These suspense tactics are too strong man, already wanting to see what happened.
Being needlessly vague is how most of us create our own enemies, don't let this be you!
I like skin, they're easy and comfy to wear!
Except when it isn't.