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based off a dream my friend had
the moment when you realize you forgot to put 2017..
I got a new drawing pad and motivation, so I might start doing more slave work for all 3 of you who remembered this place existed.
@Elemental Kirby: Same reason why Doctor Wily is able to escape point blank explosions -mostly- unscathed.
You know I wouldn't of guessed it to be honest, no one really talks about it at all on the internet.
I've never fought the boss myself but I always thought that bosses that had the same abilities as the protagonist were kinda cool, most of the time underwhelming but it's the thought that counts.
So does Keeby just have an inferiority complex or something like that? Now that we know it isn't a Kirby only sort of thing.
@Thenewdonut: The 8th panel, in the flashback.
These suspense tactics are too strong man, already wanting to see what happened.
Being needlessly vague is how most of us create our own enemies, don't let this be you!
I like skin, they're easy and comfy to wear!
Except when it isn't.
I was completely disappointed they did not announce Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 2.
If you think the hiatus was bad, it just got a whole lot worse.
The state of my cheap tablet has slowly been deteriorating and it has come to a point where it connects to my laptop selectively, I've finally decided to trash the thing (not before drawing two less than below average drawings). I've been thinking about fooling around with sprites to make up for the lost art.

Speaking of sprites, the sprite in the background is of the Wily Star from Mega Man V.
nothing to say here, just move along.
I don't like the number 11 because it reminds me of the 11 times I got beat up in elementary school, so I skipped it. Can someone fill me in on what happened?
An army of bugs that are armed to the teeth with military grade artillery? how nightmarish..
Where there's smoke... There's Fire!
Dang I was gone for far too long, when was the last time I posted a picture? April 24th?

Well sorry, I've been busy with a couple of things like the new Smash Crew that I've joined on Discord, watching Osomatsu-san (which I recommend watching if you're into goofy stuff.), among some other less significant things.

I can't really say I'll post more frequently now, but I'll be more active around the comments of other comics.
I wish they didn't mess up Metroid's name so many times in the smash series though. Zero Suit Metroid just has a better ring to it.
Only if there's cake involved.
Now you're going to have to do a Boss Rush!