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I love read comics, draw, sleep and eat candies :DD
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I'm just trying to remember when did I start to think that Bailey is handsome?
My dad Died last year I know what are you living and the only thing I can say is Do not close yourself and look for support in your closest friends and family in times like this you need people you can trust.
July 27th, 2017
"To all the hells with Simo!!" Like mother, like child
Oh my mother said the same thing about the flowers <3
Is normal that I am only looking that ass?
The two husbandos are fighting which one should I support? D: D: D:
lol tumblr education that sounds like a really shitty source of information
Wait a minute addiction... drugs... vainilla... drugs... herz... donkey! ! !
beautiful comic <3
January 11th, 2017
I am re-reading your comic and remembering why I fall in love with it <3
First time reading and will not be the last :)
He should cut his hair, my baby looks so handsome :'0
pd. lol Vanilla "Ice" Cream
wait... he gift him that t-shirt too?
@Nieidanine: Wow in México your mother would hit you with "the chancla" if you are barefoot or in socks.
sorry but what is a posho? Sounds like chicken bad wrote in spanish
And now I wonder if 1D survived the apocalypse
Wow he really didn't know :o pd. I feeling this is a trap >:T
Bitch I know what his favorite dish is, in fact, I know everything about him is all write in my stalking oni-chan journal
I hope Jared to be ok after the surgery and It's obvious that Brenda only want the money that his gruncle left him after pass away he shoul be with mariana the sweet girl tht his mother doesn't want to be with him.

Pd. Jura is subtle like fucking fireworks.

Pd2. After a few pages he doesn't look that handsome mi pequeño bebe vainilla is better. C: