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I am an artist and a writer and sometimes I am both.
Oh goodness what did he do? Tune in next week to find out!

Thanks for reading. :D
well at least it's PRETTY!
@Goof: They bonded! I added a link to the original comment!
Well... not out of the woods but!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!
@Riaya: Thank you!
@GreenCat42: Happy (slightly late) Birthday! (YEAH June birthday bros!) Thank you!
Ahaha I'm sorry (no I'm not)

It's my birthday next week! (but I won't be taking a break, no worries!)

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@Guest: You're right, it's already weird.
@fujo/funda: This page is old enough all I can really say is that I was learning (and I'm still always learning). Thank you!
Yay Clarence is there it'll be fine now.

He fixed Lin okay -->

Thanks for reading! -- they've been there so much the girl at the front desk knows them BY NAME.

Her name is Emma in case you can't read her nametag.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!
@DoodleDapp: It's actually the imprint from Kanani's nails! I thought it might look like that when I put it in, too, oops.
@ZSoj: He would love to have someone to stay up late having non-euphemism nerd talk with!
Nerd nerd nerd

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@Moonmean: I won't go into specifics (yet!) but it has to do with her being a special bondmate. :D
Special Bondmates -
Like Kanani -

Wanted to link back to those for reference!

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@GreenCat42: Aww it's okay! I hope your novel gets published soon!
I don't think you were ready, David.

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