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Sims 2, writing, photo editing, music, reading.
Tehe, I like how Valentine's head is positioned.
Lol, from now on, anyone I don't like, I'll say "You're one of those stalkers!" right to their face.

Then walk away.
Conclusion: Xin would look god in anything.
EY!!! Skye looks happy in that last panel!!!!!!
Skye gets his features from daddy?
Tehe, I luve little Skye!!!!
ROFL!!! Poor Xin, feeling guilty. Lmao. I heart his eyes in the 10th panel.
Oh. almost forgot about that note. It could be life-changing, you never know.
He's decked out!!! Screams smexy for me, lol.
Xin is such a softie. Cookies that can make a man cry = power.
Lunch distracted Xin from a hardcore fight.

*tackles him with hugs & kissies*
*is scared of Xin in 9th panel*
*falls out chair laughing & crying*
Gawd. Xin looked so sexy right there in that panel before the last one.
Skye hurt Xin. Oh hellllll no.
Is it possible that Bailey got more smart then Xin here?

No. No, must not let that happen now.
No. Frickin'. Way. How'd my friend end up on that last panel?! Sneaky, and under another name too. . . Psh.
O.O xD Xin is ingenious, man. Stealing someone else's project is pure smartyness.

Skye just doesn't realize it yet.
Poor, poor Xin. Scary, scary Skye.