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I'm a shy girl who is FINALLY breaking out of her shell, thanks to my friends. I like hanging out with my friends and making new friends. I dislike people who ditch their friends for their BF/GF without telling their friends (unless if they forgot to notify their friends or notice they were making a mistake). On to my hobbies. I LOVE to sing and play Clarinet (but I'm still a bit shy) and I also LOVE to draw (which is why I created an account here). If you don't see me on my page I'm probably admiring someone's comic (maybe it's yours) and if you want me to check out yours, let me know.
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    Christin Cummings
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I wonder what will happen next and how it will happen... BTW, I love this comic!!! :3 <3
Vexx!!! Why You So Jelly?
Hey, let have Mack have the spotlight for a while! :3
It's Back!!!
I'm so happy!!! :3 It feels like it's been so long since I've seen this!!!
Humans ARE Horrible And Heartless!!!
Not all of us, but some will kill animals and other humans for sport/enjoyment. There are also many other things people do that are sick, sadistic, and twisted but I'm not gonna go into detail. :/
Vs. Dungeon Sickness
Ooh kill 'em Rodney!!! :3 Del's just adding insult to the future injuries!!! XD
I agree with the Eevee on this one! I can't see that broken down place as "New Hope" either!!! XD :3
Hope Has Many Forms
I didn't expect a place like this to be called "A New Hope" but hope does come in MANY forms! :3
Broken Down And Forgotten
This place is very broken down. There is a war going on though and since it's forgotten, it makes even more sense for it to be wrecked! :/
This page is deep with emotion already. Wow... It's only the beginning of the chapter! XD Wars... They cause the feels to come out! :(
Dat Raticate doh! "DERP!!!" :P
Also, thanks for telling us what's wrong with these Pokemon! No wonder they attack you out of nowhere! Dungeon Sickness!!! (And maybe herbal substances!? XD)
Chapter 2 Begins!!!
It's so beautiful!!! :D I'm glad it's done! I'm also glad that you pushed your laziness out of the way to put the hard working side of you up front! I love this comic and I look forward to future pages! :3
I'm also grateful for a lack of hiatus in the middle of a chapter. A lot of people would probably be complaining because they want to know what happens next. It would've felt more like a long cliffhanger if that happened!
Time For A Schedule Plan!!!
I personally would've waited either way but since your asking for a date, I'd like to see a new page of the new chapter sometime next week. This gives you time to make sure everything is as it should be, while giving you motivation to get it done! Hope this helps!!! :3
Not Ready? No Worries!
We all have those times! I'm going through a struggle with school but I'm getting a little better! Waiting for your works of art is worth it! Good luck!!!!!
Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!!!!!
@PhantomCat: If you can't update the comic while you're away, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just in case!
Attacking head on!
That's just like Del to do something like that! Of course poor Rodney is worried as usual! You can't always trust Del! What I'm trying to say is Del is a beast!!!!!
Appreciations and Congratulations
Congratulations!!!!! Trust me when I say I appreciate every page drawn by you! This comic is amazing in terms of story and visuals! When I first found this I was like: "Am I in drawing heaven?" There are SO many great artists out there and you are definitely one of them! Good luck with school/work and happy drawing!
Lateness isn't a problem!
Lateness isn't always a problem all the time! Adding a page later than usual isn't a problem for most of us. I'm also having a tough time with school so I sorta know what you're going through. (I'm only in freshman year of high school though but I'm still having the struggle) The only time lateness is an issue is the lateness of the characters in the comic when it comes to tasks or something. Anyways, keep up the awesomeness! I know you will!
Chatot's Entrance!
"Bonding, are we?" LOL Now that's a great way to make things awkward in the funniest way possible! XD
The Official End Of The First Chapter!
So this is the official ending of Chapter one. I'm ready for Chapter 2!
The background is BEAUTIFUL!!!